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Designing With Wood Tops

Natural Wood Countertops add warmth to the kitchen. With the selection of over 60+ wood species, and 30 edge profiles. Shop natural wood countertops at French Creek Designs. Adding in wood tops to your kitchen design is as unique as the wood species you choose. As well as now trending is reclaimed wood countertops.

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Recycling wood kitchen countertops into vanity tops. As well as bar tops, and even planter boxes. Wood is a valued product and can be repurposed for many uses. You have a wood top you would like to be repurposed and finished talk to one of our designers. French Creek Designs  works with local wood artisans to create beautiful works of art that are also functional.

Live Edge Wood Countertops

Live edge wood countertops are natural and organic in shape and unique character. Wood countertops with live edge can be used for table tops, bar tops, and so much more. Choices come in simple live edges to very elaborate finishes. Natural wood countertops and tops cover a vast array of styles from modern to rustic. Adding wood into your home renovation has never been more exciting or beautiful.

Wood Uses

Natural Wood has an array of uses. Designing a kitchen or entertainment area in your home. Choose to add natural wood floating shelves for displaying those heirloom pieces to quick essentials. Fireplaces are a great space to add a wood mantel or hearth. As well as bar tops can provide a unique space for wood tops.

Conference rooms and kitchen table tops are a great way to create an heirloom piece that will be enjoyed for generations. Some fun and more affordable options for quick updates add just small section of butcherblock on your island top or next to the stove. Finally, natural wood countertops are always at the top of the list for a focal point, beauty, overall function.

Durata Waterproof Finish

There are no limitations to the use of wood when designing for your home renovation or kitchen. As well as bathroom. With a Durata waterproof finish from Grothouse you can ensure the protection of the wood for years to come. The unique wood finish that provides a lifetime warranty. Durata finish creates a scratch resistant and waterproof surface. Ask a designer in regards to adding a Durata Waterproof finish to your natural wood countertops.

Showcase Grothouse Countertops

Natural wood countertops displayed in Sapele Mahogony Wood and a Wenge Wood Island top. As well as a Saxon Wood Island top. Any one of these tops would be a welcomed addition. Ask a countertop designer from French Creek Designs Kitchen Design Center to assist in choosing your next wood countertop. Again, French Creek Design Designers work with local wood artisans.

Wood and Stone Combinations

When designing with wood or butcherblock within any design. Consider combining wood with various stone options for beauty and warmth. As well as character. Striking countertop designs can duo together nicely. Such as try any one of these combinations. First, select a granite slab to create a combination of rustic and unique characteristics of the stone for a beautiful wood and stone combination. Consider the natural drama and movement of each slab.

Next, consider purchasing quartz for a more uniform design or a marble-look touching against a striking wood combination for a contemporary style. Likewise, purchasing marble consider the unique definition found in each slab. As well as consider soapstone for it’s natural patina over years. No matter your selection beauty will be the focus for years to come.

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Natural Wood Countertops

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Including the final kitchen accessories from sinks, faucets, to cabinet hardware. Your one stop for all your kitchen design needs. Quality designers ready and able to plan and design your kitchen. Kitchen design centers are the place to shop for quality finished kitchen renovations or new construction.

Kitchen design centers like French Creek provide updated news on trends and hot items. Look at the various kitchen countertop solutions. Including a beautiful natural wood countertops in Burmese Teak Wood. As well as choose from hot trends in tile like Emotive. As well as choose DIY project tiles such as Simplystick Mosaix. Learn about cabinet selections, finishes, and door styles. With wood tones trending find ways to tie in wood tones with any kitchen design.

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Why Choose A Designer

Kitchen and bathroom designers as well as home renovation designers help to make your project successful. As well as assist in developing the overall theme, style, and purpose of your renovation. Designers assist in asking questions to achieve the overall design. As well as assist in overall storage solutions to a cohesive design. From simple to complex renovations.

A designer can make the process simple and exciting. Choose a designer today to develop your home remodel design and materials to achieve your dream. Looking to achieve a elegant and luxurious remodel with Enchant Timeless flooring or wall tiles. Schedule an appointment with a French Creek Designs Designer today.

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