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Striking Ensembles In The Kitchen

Shop Kitchen countertops, amid beautiful cabinets, creative backsplashes and subtle flooring. Amidst another ensemble of kitchen accessories. Such as faucets, sinks, and cabinet hardware.  Creates and sustains a kitchen design that is striking and inviting. Shop French Creek Designs Kitchen Countertops.

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Kitchen countertops are no longer ordinary in design or purpose. With the many options from granite or quartz. As well as marble and soapstone. Finally the warmth and display of wood. With so many options and variety of tones and colors. As well as the intermingling of one material with another.

Creative Island Countertops

Using islands to create a work of art in the kitchen. As well as a place to draw family, friends, and guest to share and entertain. Islands can be one of the most important features of the kitchen. Many crafts and projects may be completed at the island, the ones that will be in remembrance for years to come. As well as deep conversations and hugs to remind each how special and wonderful they are. No matter the use, creating a space that is inviting and memorable is worth every penny.

Islands with beautiful waterfall countertops is not only stunning. As well as a work of art in any kitchen. Waterfall countertops cover the top of the island and flow down through one to three sides of the island. The dramatic lines flowing down create a continuance of the countertop. As well as offset your kitchen countertops beautifully.

Another beautiful application to islands are intertwining wood with the stone of your choice. Such as granite and quartz. The use of a small piece of butcherblock to a whole section wood countertop adds warmth to your kitchen island.

Kitchen Perimeter Countertops

The perimeter of kitchen is important to creating workspace that is functional. As well as creating coffee bars for a quick refreshment. No room for an island. No worries, you can make your kitchen warm and inviting based on overall design aspects. Such as, use of contrasting countertops. Adding warmth of wood on the end-cap of your stove for prepping food.

Another striking feature may be carrying the countertops up through the wall either in a short four to six inch backsplash. As well as a full wall splash. No matter your choice the chef of the house will enjoy cooking in a refreshing kitchen design. As well as family, friends and guests will enjoy spending time with you in the kitchen.

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What makes us stand apart? With our large selection of kitchen remodel materials include:

  • Cabinets and Countertops
  • Tiles, Mosaic Tile, and Accent Tile
  • Flooring includes LVT, and Engineered Wood Floors
  • Sinks, Tubs, and Faucets

Shopping Kitchen Accessories

  • Tile Supplies, All Set, Power Grout
  • Tile Edging
  • Electric Floor Warming Systems
  • Cabinet Lighting and Cabinet Hardware
Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen Countertops

Choosing kitchen countertops with quartz displayed here from Cambria Ivybridge with a splash of color and bold striations of beautiful greens. Subtle to bold greens are trending in kitchen design. Add Cambria Ivybridge or another color from the Cambria design palette to your next kitchen countertops. See more dynamic quartz designs and edge profiles at French Creek Designs Countertop Store.

Various other uses for countertops is bar tops and pass through. Bar tops are easy placement for the warmth of wood countertops. In addition, to a contrasting material. Can’t remove a full wall? Open up a portion of the wall by adding a pass through area. Pass through once again adds extra work space. As well as a place that functions in relation to an island without the added storage.

No matter your choice in kitchen countertops. The combination of the various elements creates a striking ensemble in the kitchen. Be sure to check out the selection of cabinets and flooring. As well as the tile backsplashes, sinks, and faucets available. Stop into French Creek Designs Cabinet Store and Kitchen Design Center.

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