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Cabinet Door Selection & Style

Choosing cabinet doors when selecting cabinets is imperative to designing your kitchen layout. First, having a firm understanding on which cabinet door to choose such as raised panel, recess panel, or slab. Sets the tone for your cabinet design.

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Raised Panel Doors

Raised panel cabinet doors typically are just what they portray. The have a raised face that sets the tone for design. These doors are usually more ornamental in design. Cabinet door design sets the style of your kitchen design. Described as having a raised panel cabinet door. Which features a solid wood insert panel. Typically considered a more traditional style door. Furthermore, these doors and drawers and bolder in design. Dependent upon the cabinet manufacture determines the number of designs available to choose from. As well as the more ornamental the design, budget will be affected.

Recess Panel Doors

Recess panel cabinet doors are just the opposite. Typically, they have an inset inside the door panel. Which determines, the width of the panel door, from say a two inch to potentially a five-inch perimeter around the inset. Availability of the size and inset options are determined by the manufacturer. This style may be considered more classic in design.

Slab Doors

Slab cabinet doors are one single slab with no ornamental designs or insets. Chosen typically for their modern clean appearance. Sleek and distinct trending with the many modern kitchen designs. Acrylic high gloss cabinets represent this design well.

Choosing Cabinet Doors & Finishes

Combining the cabinet door style with a cabinet finish, such as paint, stain or acrylic sets the stage. As well as determines style and overall look of the kitchen. Choosing Cabinet Doors based on the door selection. As well as cabinet finish, and additional characteristics of wood species and distressing. Such as, choosing a timeworn cabinet door with a delicate, timeworn distressing.

Cabinet doors showing a touch of subtle wear. Through a gentle-touch-sand-through on the edges and worn in the corners. Other distinct choices may be choosing a reclaimed patina. An all-natural finish technique that accelerates the wood’s natural aging process. As well as, providing a weathered look.

Choosing Cabinet Doors

Choosing Cabinetry Options

When working with a kitchen and bath designer from French Creek Designs you will be provided a thorough consultation. From choosing cabinet door styles and finishes to choosing options to maximize cabinet storage.

Whether choosing vanity cabinets to complete a full bathroom remodel or sprucing up a bathroom. To selecting cabinetry for the laundry room or entertainment wall. French Creek Designs Kitchen & Bath Showroom and Cabinet Store have all of your cabinet selections available.

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