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Stunning Burmese Teak Wood Countertop

This Edge Grain Burmese Teak wood countertop with hues of honey and red colors is stunning. Shop wood countertops at French Creek Designs Countertops Store. Including, over 60+ wood species, and 30 edge profiles available from Grothouse. Limitless is the word.

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Wood Countertops Details

Wood countertop finished with a 1/8″ roundover edge profile and the Grothouse Original Oil Finish. In addition, a touch of stainless steel for the undermount sink and satin nickel for the faucet. Which accent beautifully the blue grey’s and grey grout for the full wall accent. Finally, this stunning piece completed for the Designer Blanco by Grothouse ~ Absolutely stunning!

Burmese Teak Wood

Next, this particular wood countertop is from Burmese Teak. Only Burmese Teak wood has natural water repellent properties. In addition, many companies offer Teak products, however only Burmese Teak has the natural water repellent most clients’ desire. There are other types of teak, for example, Grothouse offers Plantation Teak. Plantation Teak wood is beautiful and a properly managed wood resource. However, it just does not have the repellency that Teak is known for.

Grothouse Food Grade Oil Finish

Also, Grothouse food grade oil finish is used on this Edge Grain Burmese Teak wood countertop. Which provides a safe finish. Therefore, the wood finish is suitable for direct chopping and is so safe, it is edible. In addition, the food grade oil finish is hypoallergenic and does not contain nut oils that can cause allergic reactions. As well as Grothouse seals all sink openings with proprietary methods. Which assures you a wood countertop with a lifetime of worry-free use.

Wood Countertop Edge Grain

Choosing wood countertops? Consider edge grain construction. This construction is also known as butcherblock, popular for kitchen islands, cutting boards and bathroom vanity countertops. As well as take a look at another client kitchen, which is warmed up by adding a cherry wood bartop stained to match her island base.

Featured: Edge Grain Burmese Teak Wood Countertop

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Edge Grain Burmese Teak Wood Countertop

Shop Edge Grain Burmese Teak Wood Countertops at French Creek Designs Countertop Store. As well as inquire about laser engraving to personalize your wood surface. Have a favorite quote, scripture, or logo? Make your wood top or shelves an heirloom today! Casper’s best shopping experience in countertops.

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