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Choosing Cabinetry Finishes in the beginning stages of your kitchen, bath, laundry, or home improvement project is essential to the overall design. Why choose your finish first? First, the cabinet finish will determine direction in overall design application. Such as do you want to mix finishes, such as paint and stained finishes.

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Next, finish allows choice in wood species and cabinet door selections that fit the finish and style. Such as different wood grains are going to affect the overall look of the finish cabinet selection. Finally, cabinet finishes will establish the textures and materials you will want to establish in your final design. Such as the use of stone countertops. In addition, to wood countertops or butcher block. So, here are the amazing selections you may choose from.

Stained Cabinetry

Such elements begin with a choice of stained finishes. Cabinets with a stained finish enhance the natural characteristics of individual wood species. Which enrich the natural grain and color variation. The range of stains for cabinets start with light to dark tones.

Moreover, stained cabinets beautifully display the natural wood. In addition, to enhance the space with beauty, warmth, and texture you are designing. Wash stains fit uniquely between a stain and opaque finish on cabinets. In which, pigments are semi-transparent which are light enough to allow a subtle, underlying wood grain. In addition, showing through and giving a soft wash of color overall.

Painted Cabinetry

Flexibility in Opaque Finishes based on application. Opaques can fit various styles and provide pops of color. Of course, luxurious, and charming finishes can be created with opaque cabinets. Such as creating an aged appearance. Additionally, you can mix stain and opaques to create a pleasing contrast in your cabinet designs.

Standard opaque colors such as white, cream, black, and blue are trending for popular home interiors. Finally, choices of your most popular colors can be chosen from Sherwin Williams paint colors for a perfect fit. Results shown in this showcase farmhouse style kitchen with white painted cabinets.

Glazed Cabinets

Designed to bring out dimension and depth are glazed finishes on cabinets. With a choice of stain or opaque color choices to build up corners and edges, accentuating details of the cabinetry. In addition, to deepening your choice of color giving a warmer tone. Typically, detailed door styles work best for glazed cabinets. In addition, consider acrylic cabinets for the ultimate high-gloss finish.

Reclaimed Patina

An all-natural finish for cabinets providing a rustic or farmhouse finish is the use of reclaimed patina. Furthermore, reclaimed patina cabinets are a finish that accelerates wood’s natural aging process. Additionally, creating a weathered cabinetry look. Door finishes in reclaimed patina darken typically with age and exposure to natural lighting.

Choosing Cabinetry Finishes at French Creek Designs Cabinet Store in Casper, Wyoming - Woodland cabinets, legend cabinets, artizen cabinets

Thermo Structured Surfaces (TSS) Cabinets

A look of a textured surface with greater uniformity in color, durability, and easier maintenance defines TSS cabinets. A wood grain surface is bonded to an engineered core. Additionally, less susceptible to humidity and warping. An affordable option, for modern kitchens and loft-style living.

High Gloss Acrylic Cabinets

Modern selection is on the horizon, the carefully consider choosing cabinetry finish with a high gloss surface. In which is a striking depth of color characterized by its polished finish in high Gloss Acrylic cabinetry. Which higher maintenance is typically required for keeping the high glossy finish. In addition, high gloss acrylic cabinets are available with coordinating PVC or a stainless-steel PVC edge banding. Which is bonded to an engineered core. Finally, view a showcase acrylic high gloss cabinetry kitchen completed.

Finally, choosing cabinetry finishes is exciting and a fun in the process of designing your kitchen, bath, laundry, or mudroom. With French Creek Designers available to help through the selection, we assist in making your dream come to life. Choosing the right cabinet design is essential in the final design.

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Choosing Cabinetry Finishes

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