Quartz Countertop Selection

Purchasing Quartz countertops for your kitchen or bath is a big decision with high impact on the overall look of the space. If you prefer more consistent design and color Quartz is your choice. If you love the marble-look and want more durability and scratch resistance then Quartz is a perfect choice. Quartz is man-made and can be subtle or bold and absolutely beautiful. Each printed design is consistent and some slabs may be book matched for  those seamless designs. In addition, quartz is chosen for it’s stark whites and blacks. French Creek Designers are here to help you make the right choice that fits your style and budget.

As a non-porous material, quartz doesn’t need sealant like natural stone does. In fact, quartz isn’t a “stone” at all, but a man-made substance containing minerals from stone as well as a resin binder and color additives. Quartz is one of the most abundant minerals on our planet. Perfectly selected for indoor applications. A few vendors provide an outdoor quartz product that is resistant to fading.

Quartz Cleaning and Maintenance

Another great reason for purchasing Quartz is it is easy to clean and maintain, and easily withstands daily wear. Quartz countertops are typically NSF-certified, meaning they’re safe and do not harbor harmful bacteria in the pores. Because quartz is non-porous, it is also is less likely to stain since there are no “pores” for the spills to accumulate in. It is stain resistant and resistant to harsh chemical cleaners. It is also heat and scratch resistant.

Quartz adds value to your home

Design advantages, quartz countertops are unique in various styles, patterns, and colors. In addition, some patterns can be book matched within a small margin for those seamless designs. Quartz’s beauty and durability make these countertops attractive to real estate brokers and adds value to your home.

Quartz finishes and textures

Polished Quartz countertops are predominately sold.  However, you can purchase Quartz countertops with a matte or satin finish.  These natural stone finishes may affect consistency, stain resistance, and appearance.  Honing dark colors can lead to fingerprints, and water spots.  Now available on select Quartz slabs is a choice between honed and glossy in our in-stock Quartz program. Be sure to ask your sales representative questions regarding the various natural stone finishes making sure they fit with your lifestyle and expectations.

Quartz use and application in your home

Purchasing Quartz for many different applications such as, kitchen countertops, islands, vanity countertops, makeup stations, bar areas, fireplace surrounds, laundry rooms, back splash on as a full wall splash, accent wall, shower walls, and tub surrounds. In addition, take Quartz outside to an outdoor living space with specified outdoor quartz options.  Furthermore, Quartz can provide a range of feeling determined by the color, style, and finish from elegance to rustic or farmhouse charmed.

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Purchasing Quartz

Purchasing Quartz at Slab Yard Available

When it comes to stone, there is no substitute for viewing full slabs Quartz. Looking into purchasing quartz samples available in our showroom. As well as you will be able to view our inventory of Quartz at our local slab yard. Alternatively, French Creek Designs can arrange client viewing of stone slabs.

Get unbeatable prices with our No Waste Program Stone Countertops. The No Waste Program features a selection of Quartz we keep in stock. Having a large countertop selection inventory on hand. This allows us to only charge for the square footage you need, with no additional transportation costs. In addition, to the quartz try our affordable granite program.  When purchasing granite consider the natural drama and movement of each slab. Likewise, when purchasing marble consider the unique definition found in each slab. As well as consider soapstone, Skara Brae, Superbia, Tetlos and so many more beautiful designs. Finally consider the addition of wood or butcherblock into your design for warmth and beauty.

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