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How to Start My Kitchen Remodel?

Kitchen remodels begin with exquisite details and choices in materials. When adding special touches to any kitchen remodel, keep in mind the elements that you want to make a statement and build around those elements. In another words, what do you want to catch guests and family attention the moment they walk in the room?

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Focal Points in the Kitchen

Maybe it’s the beautiful kitchen sink, island, or accent wall. Possibly the hood over the stove, the kitchen cabinets, or the beautiful stone countertops. Whatever the focal point in the room you choose begin to build around this area the other elements for the kitchen.

French Creek Designs kitchen designers start with quality questions, measure, and consultation to assist in making the right choices for you. We don’t want regrets we want you to love your kitchen for years to come.

Once you start choosing your color tones, style, and the must haves. We help you to build the elements into one cohesive design. Providing a drawing and going over the smallest of details.

Important Kitchen Remodel Questions

Consider some important key elements when designing your kitchen. These questions determine budget and style. Such as, is my kitchen used only occasionally and mostly for entertaining? Is my kitchen in full use from breakfast to after school homework, crafts, to a full dinner being served? How do I need to plan for storage and ease of access? Who cooks and uses the kitchen the most and what makes it fun and easy for them to serve guests, family and friends?

Kitchen Remodel Selections

Moreover, our kitchen remodel experts at French Creek Kitchen And Bath Design Center can assist in choosing the right materials, color blends, and installation ideas that will welcome your friends and family and make your space a dreamy and enjoyable place to be. Want a more luxurious feel we have high-end looks that will accommodate without breaking the budget.

Sometimes it can be the small details that make the most transformation in the kitchen. Not ready for a full remodel, French Creek Designers assist in the little details to bring your kitchen a refreshing look. Such as tile backsplashes, cabinet hardware, and new countertops. In addition, to beautiful selection of sinks and faucets.

Tile Selection

Looking for a kitchen tile backsplash that is a showstopper. Begin your design with tile backsplash as a starting point for your color palette, then add cabinets and countertops to accent nicely with it. Also look into purchasing cabinet hardware to top it all off.

Tile backsplash is where you can express yourself with an unending array of colors and styles. In addition, try some trendy textures and materials including glass, metal, stone, and marble.

Tile is the tried-and-true flooring for kitchens. Today’s porcelain and ceramic tile mimics the look of wood, marble, stone, and clay. Further, they bring durability and ease of cleaning into the kitchen.

Kitchen Sinks and Faucets

Selecting your kitchen sink in a kitchen remodel can be just as important as choosing the faucet that will coordinate with it. Moreover, look at a quartz composite sink that accents nicely with your granite or quartz countertops.

Alternatively, a stainless-steel sink that accents nicely with matching appliances is a great choice as well. Add a little drama in your kitchen remodel with a copper, fireclay, or concrete kitchen sink. Whatever the style you are looking for, we have the selection in our showroom.

French Creek Designs Kitchen & Bath Design Center is an authorized dealer of luxurious Waterstone faucets. These faucet suites are jewelry for your kitchen. They are a high-quality product made in the USA that comes with a lifetime warranty. Waterstone faucets are engineered with functionality, beauty, and quality in mind. They are truly a work of art, with thirty-two finishes available to compliment your space. Include appliance pulls that match your faucet suite to complete the look.

Exquisite Details for Kitchen Remodels

When it comes to exquisite details for kitchen remodels doesn’t always mean big dollars. Whether you are doing a full kitchen renovation or want a freshened up kitchen finding affordable options can make your kitchen a master piece where family, friends, and guests will want to share their time with you.

Easy kitchen refreshes start with simple updates. Such as tile backsplashes, cabinet hardware, and new countertops. In addition, to beautiful selection of sinks and faucets. As well as, freshen up your kitchen and create safety and ambiance with cabinet lighting.

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French Creek Designs One Stop Shopping Experience will provide quality materials for a completed finished kitchen remodel.

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Browse throughout our website to view beautiful kitchen designs and products available to make your kitchen exquisite and delightful. Be sure to schedule a FREE consultation, measure, and get a quote in a reasonable time frame. We work closely with your builder, contractor, or handyman to provide all you need to complete your home renovation.

Kitchen Renovation Ideas:

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