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Exquisite Home Bar Countertops

Home bar countertops are no longer one dimensional. Moreover, a work counter and bar counter typically define a bar space. The work counter is typically the same height as any standard kitchen counter and is used for food and beverage preparation. A bar counter is usually raised at a higher level and functions as a serving surface for drinks and casual dining. However, today many bar spaces have been replaced or double as an island with seating space, or are defined as a peninsula or even a pass through. Whatever style you prefer to enjoy, there have never been so many material options available!

Mixing Materials for Bar Countertops

Home Bar Countertops add beauty when mixing various materials such as wood and stone. Functional, yet beautiful area for sitting around or prepping your favorite meals and drinks. Many bars or serving areas can have the feel of a standard bar area lifted above the working space. However, many have turned their bar space into a functional peninsula where more work area and serving area exists. No matter your preference of surface materials such as quartz, granite, wood or many other varieties. This home bar countertop creates a statement that is extraordinary.

This home bar countertops shown completed and finished by Grothouse warms this space. With a Flat Grain Walnut wood bar section. Added right next to this quartz prep area, it doubles as a quick prep and serving area. Incorporate wood to your countertops for added dimension and warmth to any space. A few more examples have been provided for additional ideas.

Home Bar Countertops

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