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Kitchen Cabinets Enhance Your Home

Purchasing Kitchen Cabinets that bring warmth, color, and excitement to any kitchen, starts the conversation with friends and family. Therefore, shop kitchen cabinets at French Creek Designs. The kitchen is the center of most American homes. Therefore, your kitchen should be an enjoyable and functional space for meal preparation and activities.

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Increasingly, the kitchen has become or in some instances is a place for a variety of activities. Including entertaining family and friends, working, homework, crafts, and casual dining. Let one of French Creek Designs Kitchen Remodel Experts start designing your kitchen. Starting with custom cabinets or semi- custom cabinets to bring the focal into your kitchen design.

Therefore, Kitchen Designers assist in the process of buying kitchen cabinets. First, Designers assist in a consultation and measure. As well as determine your overall function of the kitchen. To include the desired style and design of your kitchen.

Kitchen Cabinet Layout

Next, designers’ layout a kitchen cabinet design. Which may include islands, pantries, and storage solutions. Some additional options are open shelving. Which is great for displaying art or heirloom items. Also, making quick access to dishes and essentials. Therefore, when looking to build a suite of cabinets to fit your overall kitchen style. Remember, to include function and form into the design.

Finally, a final review is done to determine any modifications and changes to your design. Upon approval, a final review is done with your contractor. Verifying the design is complete for the space. Bonus, now your ready to purchase kitchen cabinets ready, that will be ready for installation.

Kitchen Designers

Form and function in a kitchen is important to the overall design of your kitchen. Therefore, include a Kitchen Designer into your planning, design, and purchasing kitchen cabinets. This is where your local cabinet store French Creek Designs is set apart.

With French Creek Designs FREE kitchen planning and design services, it’s a one, two, three process. First, measure and consultation. Second, designing and approving designs. Three purchase everything you need in one place for your contractor to pick-up. Simplifying the process and ensuring not only is your kitchen beautiful, also functional.

Kitchen Cabinetry Possibilities

Therefore, when designing your kitchen consider your working space. Adding in a pass through, peninsulas, bar tops, and islands. For instance, this can add additional work space as well as storage. Another option to traditional cabinetry are furniture islands for those smaller spaces, adding a bit of charm. Yet easily moveable when needed.

As well as some kitchens may be intertwined as a mud room or entry. Adding seating just within reach of the door can be handy. Keeping muddy, wet items contained. Finally, dining areas which include handcrafted tables are essential to seating and family gatherings. Tables can be handcrafted with wood, granite, and quartz for a heirloom for years to come.

Kitchen Cabinetry Finishes and Textures

Understanding the available kitchen cabinet finishes and textures help in choosing a style that fits your family lifestyle. Which includes door styles. Therefore, when purchasing kitchen cabinets, a selection of modern high gloss acrylics to rustic heritage style is available. In addition, to traditional and anything in between.

No matter your kitchen style, French Creek Designers bring it to your home in fabulous stains and paints options. Matching paint and stain colors to existing furniture or cabinetry is available in select cabinetry lines. Choices from sleek modern, rich rustic, or even farmhouse, where the possibilities are endless.

Kitchen Cabinet Accessories

When purchasing kitchen cabinets consider the finishing touches to your cabinets. Such as Kitchen Cabinet Hardware which has more expansive options than ever. Choosing hardware for cabinet drawers and cabinet doors has potential beyond belief. If your style requires glass knobs and pulls, or stainless steel linear pulls, or ornamental rustic style cabinet hardware. As well as consider adding appliance pulls allowing your finishes to flow throughout your kitchen.

Consider the addition of LED Lighting & Angle Power Strips to enhance your kitchen remodel project! Now available are LED Lighting Fixtures & Angle Power Strips manufactured in the USA.

Designing Kitchens In A Click

French Creek Designs has designers ready to work for you. Just click and schedule a consultation or showroom visit. To speak in person, call our showroom at 307-337-4500. Did you know that our kitchen  designers assist in the small updates all the way to a complete remodels? Kitchen planning and design services are FREE. Including an initial consultation and measure. When it comes to good kitchen design start with one of our professional designers.

Purchasing Kitchen Cabinets at French Creek Designs Cabinet Store Casper, WY

Kitchen Cabinet Finishes

Cabinetry brings new beauty and life into any home. Purchasing kitchen cabinets for your custom kitchen, enhances the overall design of your kitchen. Therefore, choosing cabinet finishes that fit into your style is imperative. Start with choices of painted cabinets, stained cabinets, or a combination of stained and painted. Natural wood finishes to sleek acrylic cabinet finishes. Acrylic cabinets come in muted fabric, wood tones, to sleek high gloss finishes.

Compliment your cabinetry with open shelving for displaying beautiful objects or quick access points for the necessities. Choosing cabinets is a big decision when remodeling your kitchen. Stop by Casper’s Local Premier Cabinet Store at 1030 West Collins Dr., Casper, Wyoming.

Shop Cabinets at French Creek Designs

LED Lights & Power Strips

Lighting enhances any room and cabinetry. Consider purchasing LED Lights & Power Strips to enhance your kitchen design. As well as add RGB Multi-Color lighting to your bathroom. Which enhances and creates a safe way of getting around at night. For additional power sources hidden away from view, then choose a power strip. Hide them in your islands, work spaces, desks and more.

Purchasing Kitchen Cabinets

Purchasing kitchen cabinets begins at French Creek Designs Cabinet Store. Stop in and take a look at kitchen cabinet door samples available. As well as additional sample doors can be ordered. With French Creek Designs local Cabinet Store you will find everything for your remodel.  As well as inquire about purchasing vanity cabinets.

Kitchen Countertops

Topping those cabinets with countertops. French Creek Designs has unbeatable prices for countertops. When it comes to stone, there is no substitute for viewing full slabs. You will be able to view our inventory of granite and quartz at our local slab yard. As well as inquire about marble, soapstone, and wood countertops. Including butcher block countertops.

Get unbeatable prices with our No Waste Program Stone Countertops. The No Waste Program features a selection of granite and quartz we keep in stock. Having a large countertop selection inventory on hand. This allows us to only charge for the square footage you need, with no additional transportation costs.

Cabinet Accessories

When it comes to accessorizing your cabinets and countertops. We carry a large selection of sinks, faucets and cabinet hardware. Take a look at one of our designers favorites in beautiful trough sinks for prep and utility sinks. As well as striking farmhouse apron-front sinks, granite composites, or beautiful fireclay sinks. Not to mention beautiful stainless steel sinks.

Take a look at some Designer Favorites in Cabinets:

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