Choosing Cabinets

Choosing cabinets, where to begin? Selections of cabinetry can become very confusing quickly. What is RTA cabinets, what are semi-custom cabinets, what are custom cabinets? Which one do I choose and why?

RTA Cabinets

RTA Cabinets can be readily found on the internet with many promises behind them. For the average homeowner this at first sight can sound great. Usually a very affordable option. However, most RTA cabinets come in boxes and you have to put them together, not to mention that you have to do all your measuring and anticipation of needs prior to ordering. This can be quick on the front of ordering, however, the time to put each box together and doors, drawers etc. can be a bit overwhelming and a lot of work.

Semi-custom & Custom Cabinetry

Semi-custom and custom cabinetry is generally more expensive but comes with many additional services. Choosing a box company like home depot, however, falls into the same category of an RTA line. In which, you have to provide all the measurements and know exactly what you want and how they are going to fit.

Choosing a personalized cabinetry showroom such as French Creek Designs, provides you some amenities. Such as, a designer ready to assist in measuring, asking questions in regards to needs, sharing pitfalls other clients have fallen into. Personalized assistance with choosing cabinets is a necessity for most home owners.

Choosing A Designer

Designers assist in the overall design process of choice and style of cabinets, theme of rooms, proper materials selected and ordered. A good designer asks the right questions and build your design your way that compliments the space. Choose a French Creek Designer today to start your renovation project. Read more about our process and regular updates on client projects and new materials selections and choices at FCD News a reliable source of information and current trends.

Choosing semi-custom cabinets from Woodland shown create beautiful spaces for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry, mudrooms, and entertainment walls.

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