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Kitchen & Bath Services

Casper’s Kitchen & Bath Services are found right here, at French Creek Designs in Casper, Wyoming. Your favorite ONE STOP Shopping experience for home improvement projects. As well as friendly courteous designers ready to plan and design your space. Not only be beautiful, more importantly functional.

Kitchen Planning & Design

French Creek Designs designers assist in the kitchen and planning process. Appropriating a quality kitchen design and functionality. As well as assistance in choosing the right cabinets, countertops, flooring, and tile. Along with the kitchen accessories that finish and complement your space.

Bathroom Planning & Design

Designers detail your bathroom planning and design to fit the atmosphere you desire. Not only for refreshing powder baths, to fun kiddo friendly bathrooms. As well as designing and planning for those beautiful master baths and en suites. Master baths are becoming retreats for those get a way moments in a busy lifestyle. Therefore, choosing the right vanity cabinets, countertops, flooring, and tile is essential. Each material is chosen to bring a peaceful ambiance or a charming room, a desired style. In which is of essence of selecting one of our qualified bathroom designers for assistance.

Kitchen Accessories & Bathroom Accessories

Kitchen and bath services include all the details. Now more than ever kitchen accessories can add an artistic detail or flair, as well as function in the kitchen. From stunning cabinet hardware, to lighting. Lighting not only creates safety in the evening hours, as well as adds ambiance. As well as brightens up the work space for more efficient cooking and projects.  Not to mention faucets and sinks, that are not only functional, as well as pieces of art.

Bathroom accessories can take your bathroom to another level of beauty and efficiency. Such as, bathroom faucets and sinks. As well as additional cabinet lighting for a relaxing spa get a way.

Outdoor Living Spaces

The outdoors is an extension of your home, to an oasis of relaxation and the beauty of nature. Ask any one of our designers to assist in designing and planning, your outdoor living areas. Not only enjoy the benefits of a beautiful home, as well as enjoy your outdoor living experiences.

Shop French Creek Designs for outdoor living materials.

Shop French Creek Designs Benefits

French Creek Designs kitchen and bath services include all the benefits. When it comes to laying out your kitchen and bathroom designs. Stop in and ask one of our expert kitchen designers to assist. As well as enjoy the many benefits of shopping at French Creek Designs.

Not only will you have expert advice, as well as a designer to assist in your material selections. From beautiful cabinets and countertops. To flooring, and accessories. Such as kitchen sinks, faucets, and tile.

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Planning out your cabinets is essential to the overall design of your kitchen, bath, and laundry room. As well as mudrooms. Not to mention now cabinets serve in entertainment wall designs. Cabinets add the stability and emphases in a room, as well character and style. Therefore, choosing the right cabinet is essential to the overall elements of your kitchen or bath.

Shop and enhance your space with any one of our cabinet lines for stunning cabinetry.


Topping those cabinets, or just bringing a refresh to any kitchen or bathroom. Start with choices in stunning stone countertops. As well as quartz countertops or wood. Not only will the countertops add value to your home, as well as make for enjoyable space.

Shop and Refresh your cabinets with Stone, Quartz, or Wood Countertops.

Tile, Accent Tile, Mosaics

Bringing life to walls, floors, and showers is exciting with 1,000’s of options in tiles. Designers are ready to assist with planning out your tile designs. As well as selections begin with tiles in various sizes, as well as finishes. Designers also, assist in adding into a tile design various accent tiles or mosaics. Achieving a beautiful tiled space.

Kitchens come to life with tile designs for backsplashes, as well as accent walls. Bathroom showers, tub surrounds, and tub platforms, benefit from good tile designs. As well as find all your Tile Accessories (such as Grout, Tile Trim, Caulking, and more) right here in French Creek Designs Showroom.

Waterproof Showers

As well as selecting the right products for tile and stone designs for showers is critical. Therefore, designers can assist in choosing not only the shower style, to include a curbless shower design. As well as adding in benches and niches. Yes, all can be done with a waterproof shower system, for a sustainable shower.


Our flooring department will provide you the flooring to create a refreshing home or room. As well as our designers can assist in designing your outdoor living areas. No matter your flooring needs, we make living in home more beautiful. From the indoors to the outdoors.

Shop our flooring department products for beautiful floors.

Therefore, find your locally owned Home Improvement Store, including kitchen and bath services right here in Casper, Wyoming. Connect with us, French Creek Designs, on MeWe or Facebook, and follow us!