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Granite Countertop Selection

Purchasing granite countertops for your kitchen or bath is a big decision with high impact on the overall look of the space. French Creek Designs Granite Countertop Store is Casper’s largest showroom for large selections of granite. If you prefer the natural drama and movement granite is your choice. Granite is naturally bold and beautiful. Kitchen and Bath Designers are here to help you make the right choice that fits your style and budget.

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Granite is a natural stone that comes from large granite quarries. Granite, an igneous rock with the strength of diamond. Therefore, is used for building material for centuries. Such as countertops, floor tiles, paving stone, curbing, stair treads, building veneer, and cemetery monuments.

Granite mineral is composed primarily of quartz, mica, and feldspar as well as other minerals. These minerals is what give the granite its colors. Granite has tiny pits or spaces between the various mineral crystals caused by small black crystals found throughout the slab. These pits do not make the granite less durable and are common in all granite. In addition, granite also contains natural fissures, which are visible separations along inter-crystalline boundaries. They may appear to be cracks but are in fact, not structural defects and will not affect the structure or durability of the stone.

Granite Cleaning and Maintenance

After purchasing granite countertops ask your designer for the details on how to maintain and clean your granite. Which is another great reason for purchasing granite is it is easy to clean and maintain. Furthermore, its beauty is incomparable to similar man-made equivalents. For all its strength, however, granite is not unbreakable, it can be chipped or cracked if struck with a heavy object. It can also be broken if dropped. Although granite is tough and resistant, it can be scratched by cutlery. Therefore, the use of a cutting board is imperative for protection against scratches on your granite countertops.

Purchasing Granite adds value to your home

Granite countertops is unique in its look, because no two pieces of slabs of granite are the same. Finally, purchasing granite in beauty and durability make these countertops attractive to real estate brokers and adds value to your home.

Granite finishes and textures

Polished granite countertops are predominately sold.  However, you can purchase granite countertops with a honed, leathered, antiqued, brushed, flamed, or velvet finish.  These natural stone finishes may affect consistency, stain resistance, and appearance.  Honing dark colors can lead to fingerprints, and water spots.  Now available on select granite slabs is a choice between honed and glossy in our in-stock granite program. Be sure to ask your sales representative questions regarding the various natural stone finishes making sure they fit with your lifestyle and expectations.

Countertop Fabrication and Installation

French Creek Designs provides all the essentials for a complete installation of your countertops. From the initial measure, to the final temp, to the fabrication, to the install. No worries for you. Let our designers assist in providing new countertops in your home.

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What makes us stand apart? With our large selection of kitchen remodel materials include:

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Granite uses and application in your home

Purchasing granite countertops many include many different applications such as, kitchen countertops, islands, vanity countertops, makeup stations, bar areas, fireplace surrounds such as SandalWood Granite Hearth, laundry rooms, back splash on as a full wall splash, accent wall, shower walls, and tub surrounds. In addition, take granite outside to an outdoor living space.  Furthermore, granite can provide a range of feeling determined by the color, style, and finish from elegance to rustic or farmhouse charmed.

Granite Slab Yard Available

Purchasing granite countertops from Casper’s Granite Countertop Store is easy and affordable. Stop into French Creek Designs. When it comes to stone, there is no substitute for viewing full slabs granite. You will be able to view our inventory of granite at our local slab yard. Alternatively, Casper’s Countertop Store French Creek Designs can arrange client viewing of stone slabs.

Get unbeatable prices with our No Waste Program with affordable granite countertops. The No Waste Program features a selections of granite and quartz we keep in stock. Having a large countertop selection inventory on hand. This allows us to only charge for the square footage you need, with no additional transportation costs. In addition, to the quartz try our affordable granite program.  When purchasing granite consider the natural drama and movement of each slab.

Countertop Solutions

Designing & Planning Home Renovations

French Creek Designs can work with any one of your builders, contractors, or handymen to assist in the proper materials purchased for a complete home renovation project or new construction. Designers assist with staying on budget. As well as your contractor has one stop to pick up all the essentials for your installation.

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