Casper’s Animal Shelters and Tack Rooms

Animal Shelters for sale with or without a Tack Room or Feed Storage area is perfect for setting up those 4-H projects.  When looking to provide protection to your livestock and need a place to store tack or feed, purchase a single prefab animal shelter with multiple stalls and add a tack room or feed storage area.

Animal shelters are designed with 4×6″ pressure treated perimeter base to make it deliverable Old Hickory Drivers. As well as to resist rotting from ground moisture. Great features are you can add stalls, partitions, or tack rooms depending on size. Tack rooms provide additional storage space for farm goods, small tools, and can be used for additional work space. As well as holding feed and tack.

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What’s included in a Animal Shelter

  • 4in x 6in Pressure Treated perimeter base
  • 1-1/4in Pressure Treated Kick Boards approximately 4ft high, spaced 1-1/2in apart
  • Standard stall opening is 8ft wide
  • One stall is standard per 12ft of length (10ft x 12ft = 1 stall, 10ft x 20ft = 1 stall, 10ft x 24ft = 2 stalls). Tack room is not included
  • Additional stalls (includes opening and divider) can be added for an additional cost (optional)
  • Buildings will be set directly on ground with no blocking. Ground must be suitable for application prior to delivery

The Tack Room

  • Tack rooms require a minimum of 4ft added to the 12ft of length needed per stall (E.g., 1-stall plus a 4ft wide tack room requires a minimum of 16ft total length)
  • Standard Tack Room placement starts on an end wall. Additional cost to start on an inside divider wall (E.g., Centered between two stalls)
  • Tongue and Groove, Engineered Panels flooring
  • OSB divider wall between tack room and stall
  • 3ft Wooden Barn Door on all tack rooms…or upgrade to 4ft Wooden Barn Door

Animal Shelter and Tack Room Options

Adding protection in the winter for your livestock and horses is now available in several combinations. For example, one great option would be adding windows inside the storage area for extra light. In addition, add shutter trim to your window for some extra charm.

Customize any horse or livestock shelter in combination with feed storage area to keep everything dry. For example, consider adding shelves, benches, additional doors etc. Alternatively, custom cutouts can be added to any shed for unique features specific to you. Shelters for horses and livestock as well as feed storage areas are priced right, and sizes start at 8×12 to 16×40.

Most importantly, contact a French Creek Designs Shed Sales Representative and we can provide you a quote online via email or Facebook Messenger. Alternatively, stop by our showroom and we can go over all the options and details and provide you a quote in a timely manner.

All sheds can be Purchased with Cash or Rent to Own Options. In addition, Rent to Own options include 90 days same as cash. All shed sales can be completed online or in our showroom. Choose an on-lot model or order exactly what you want, today.

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Animal Shelter Tack Room Combinations

Casper’s Animal Shelters and Tack Room Sales

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Also, additional shed options available:
  • Choose Build On-Site
  • Choose Painted Stained, Fir or
    Pressure Treated Pine (for a more natural look)
  • Custom Paint and Stain Options Available
  • Many more options to choose from

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Additional Styles of Sheds For Sale:

As well as consider shelter and protection for your animals. With winter cold and summer heat provide shelter and quick access to tack and food with one of our animal shelters or chicken coops.

Also, consider our sheds with packages that will add benefit and innovative ideas. Specialty Sheds and Cabanas are available to add value to your property:

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