Shed FAQ’s:

Shed FAQ’s is ready to provide frequently asked questions regarding your shed purchase. Including easy to understand answers in regards to purchasing a shed. First learn about delivery and set-up. Secondly, permits found in your local areas. Thirdly, you will discover great options available such as upgrading the floor. And lastly, contact details for warranty claims and issues. Please note: The answers may change periodically. Therefore, ask an associate and read the current brochure to verify answers.

It is the responsibility of the client to inquire regarding any questions prior to purchasing a shed package. Ultimately, we appreciate our clients. We want to make sure you are satisfied with your purchase. Let us know if we can provide additional details to our Shed FAQ’s page.

Shed Sales Options

Prefab sheds and buildings currently available for sale are Sheds with Porches. As well as Sheds with Gables, Dormers, or Combination, and Studio Sheds. Enhance your property with Cabanas and Garage Packages. Alternatively, more traditional sheds are available, consider Utility Sheds, Lofted Barn Sheds or Backyard Barn Sheds. Finally, protect your animals with a Animal Shelter, Tack Room Combinations, or Chicken Coops for sale for those great 4-H projects.

Located in Casper, Wyoming your 307 resource for sheds. As well as check out our current shed inventory.

FREE Delivery

Free Delivery covers one trip up to 30 miles one way from dealer location. Trips over 30 miles are subject to an additional fee per mile. Fees are as follows: $3/mile (8ft & 10ft wide buildings), $3.50/mile (12ft wide buildings), $4.50/mile (14ft & 16ft wide buildings). The customer will be responsible for any additional mileage charges, as well as the cost of any additional trips. Read more below regarding Free Setup in the shed FAQ’s.

FREE Setup

Free setup includes leveling the building, starting with one corner at ground level and raising it up to a maximum of 3 feet. If leveling requires 1 foot or less, pressure treated wood may be used. Otherwise, customer may supply concrete blocks which are placed on top of the ground. The driver can also supply concrete blocks for $3.50 each.

In very rare cases, underground footers may be required by local building codes. Neither Old Hickory Sheds nor French Creek Designs offer digging or footer services, and these are not included in free set up. However, the driver may work with the customer or contractor when required for an additional cost. Moreover, if you have any questions regarding any additional work you may foresee, be sure to contact the territory manager for Old Hickory or the delivery driver to discuss details and verify any costs involved.

Be sure to contact your local Building Inspector and/or Homeowners Association for information on requirements and restrictions. In addition, it is the customers responsibility to decide if ground conditions are suitable for delivery.


Build-On-Site is a great option for customers looking for unique features or a larger shed than what can be pre-built and delivered. It is also a good alternative when the intended location for the building isn’t accessible by a delivery truck. A 10% Builders Fee is added to all Build-On-Site orders, and is due to the builder at the time of build.

Options & Limitations:

  • May be able to build larger sizes (length, width, or height) that can’t be delivered by truck, (ie; 8′ walls on Lofted Barns)
  • Can be built without skids or floor decking, only if being built directly on a concrete pad (customer is responsible for tie downs)
  • Customer is responsible for painting or sealing Build-On-Site sheds
  • Lead times vary by location and time of year (weather permitting)
  • Build-On-Site fee (10% cost of shed) is required and is to be paid directly to the builder at time of build
  • Cash only sales: Half down payment is required upon ordering, and the remaining half plus the builders fee is due at the time of build (Rent-To-Own options are not available for Build-On-Site orders)


Neither Old Hickory Sheds nor French Creek Designs and its associates are responsible for:

  • Permits
  • Snow/wind load requirements
  • Covenant searches
  • Restrictions
  • Setbacks
  • Yard damage
  • Underground damage

The customer is responsible for compliance with any such requirements. Therefore, be sure to contact your local Building Inspector and/or Homeowners Association for information on requirements and restrictions. Finally, it is the customers responsibility to decide if ground conditions are suitable for delivery.

Options to Consider:

Flooring – If you intend on putting heavy objects in a shed, inquire about increasing the floor load capacity. The standard floor load is designed for 40 lb/sq.ft live load and 200 lb/sq.ft point load. Request a Load Capacity Table to increase your floor load if needed. Fees applied to order.

Snow/Wind Load Requirements – Snow Load can be increased if requested on orders for an additional fee.

Paint Colors – Custom Sherwin Paint and Stain Colors can be chosen when ordering for an additional fee.

Sizes – Sheds sizes start at 8×8 up to 16×40, dependent upon model and options chosen.

Ask a shed sales representative about these and other custom options you may be considering. Also, feel free to stop by and pick up a brochure listing all the options and sizes available.

Warranty Claims:

For all warranty issues or questions, please contact Old Hickory Sheds Corporate Offices. French Creek Designs does not handle or approve any warranty issues or questions. See below:

  • Claim form must be COMPLETELY filled out.
  • Building serial number must be provided. It is located above the door of the building. Please provide all letters and numbers.
  • In order to correctly address the problem, we require a picture(s) of the area in need of repair along with the Warranty Claim Form.
  • You may either complete this form below or print out the form by clicking here. Mail any printed Warranty Claim Forms with a picture(s) of damaged area to our home office at OHB, PO Box 331973, Murfreesboro, TN 37133, or email them to:
  • Once we receive your completed Warranty Claim Form and/or picture(s) of the damaged area, we will be able to process your claim.
  • Broken windows or lock and other appearance related claims must be reported within 7 days of delivery. We will not accept claims for these items afterward.
  • Processing time for the claim usually takes 2-4 weeks.

** If any of these steps are not followed, warranty consideration may be delayed or denied. Therefore, review the corporate warranty claim page for any updates or changes to the above information.**

Be sure to check back periodically for updates to Shed Faq’s.

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