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Choosing vanity cabinets that fit the overall design elements of your bath is essential. Therefore, we make shopping cabinets easy at French Creek Designs, Cabinet Store in Casper, Wyoming. Best vanity cabinet shopping experience in Casper. With quality lines of bathroom cabinets, and vanities.

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Bathroom Cabinet Selections

First, select your style for your bathroom remodel, rustic, farmhouse, modern, traditional or any other choice. Upon selection of a style or styles that suit you and your family. Next, choosing a door style that works to fit into your style. As well as if you want painted, stained, matte, or a high gloss acrylic. Finally, access, what type of bathroom cabinets or vanities will fit into your space.  With French Creek Designs and a personal designer available to assist in these decisions, we make designing your bathroom fun and exciting. Vanities come in three basic selections.

Traditional Cabinets

Shopping traditional cabinets, are anything but traditional today. Bathroom Cabinets are available in beautiful lower and upper selections. As well as beautiful linen closets or open shelving. Not to mention, that you can add furniture legs to provide more of a furniture look to your vanity cabinets. As well as wall hanging is right in line with selections. Traditional is no longer just traditional in beautiful vanity cabinets.

Now with a large selection of semi-custom to custom cabinetry. Once you decide on your style, it’s time to start laying out your cabinets. First, choose from natural wood, paint, stained, or a combination. In addition, to acrylic cabinets, from a high gloss to a matte fabric look or wood.

Traditional cabinetry can be selected with or without crown. Standard cabinet layouts for a bathroom is to fit perfectly into the space provided. As well as additional storage options can be added into the design, space allowing.

With the trending designs in furniture style vanity cabinets. Style and fashion is ready to showcase your bathroom. Therefore, including a large selection of styles of feet. In which to raise the cabinets above the floor. As well as with the ability to now choose wall hanging or floating vanity cabinets. For striking design appeal and ease of care.

Traditional cabinets are anything but traditional. Vanity cabinets fit most applications and provide the additional storage needed. Bathroom remodel experts are available to assist in designing your bathroom to be not only beautiful, functional.

Furniture Vanities

Shopping trending Furniture vanities are available for small spaces. As well as stand alone in large master bathrooms. A furniture vanity adds charm and style to any room. Installation is typically simple, and provides a needed style or a quick fix for small spaces.

However, furniture vanities may have limited sizes available. Some furniture vanities come in sets to provide additional storage. Such as a small linen closet. Choices in furniture vanities come in natural, painted, and stained options. As well as acrylic options. There may be fewer color choices in the furniture vanities.

For quaint, charm or elegance, choose a furniture vanity.

Wall Hanging Vanities

Finally, shop trendy, exciting wall hanging vanities. Floating vanities are on trend and can save space. With any one of these cabinet selections your bathroom will take shape. Great for small bathrooms, where space is just not found. Floating vanities also make keeping your bathroom clean a snap. Looking for charm, modern designs, or a simple space saver needed choose a wall hanging vanity.

Shop Designer Vanities Choices:

Keep in mind that traditional cabinetry can also, meet the demand of the look of a furniture vanity or wall hanging vanity. With the ability to be sized to fit within the layout of your bathroom. Whether you are looking at a small bath, powder room, or a master en suite, bathroom designers provide a proper fit for you room.

Vanity Cabinet Door Styles

When choosing a vanity cabinet designed to fit within your bathroom space. Next, the more intimate details follow suite simultaneously. Choosing door styles, shapes, and required storage. As well as the finishes of your cabinets.

At French Creek Designs, we don’t leave you to figure it all out in what can seem very stressful in choices and selections. Not only will the designer assist you in the details, as well as provide full service. Such as, upon selection of style of cabinets, designers will visit your space to provide a measure and consultation. Next, bathroom designers start to build a cabinet layout for the overall design of your bathroom remodel. Applying your selection of cabinets to your overall design, which reflect use and the size of space. Providing a beautiful bathroom layout as well as providing the functional storage needed.

Vanity Cabinet Color Swatches and Door Samples

Moreover, once in our showroom, a bathroom designer will assist in choosing from color swatches and door samples. Vanity cabinet selection has never been more exciting and fun. Sample doors can be checked out or ordered to complete a vanity cabinet order.

Shop Designer Choices in Cabinets:

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Vanity Cabinet Accessories

When Choosing Vanity Cabinets be sure to consider the accessories available to dress up your cabinets. Moreover, accessorizing your new cabinets is easy, add glass doors to accent your kitchen cabinets. In which you can display your favorite dishes or your favorite art. As well as choosing from several choices in cabinet hardware. Choose from glass, metal, or stone hardware. Therefore, cabinet hardware brings a little flavor to your cabinets. Next, include under cabinet lighting, and kick plate lighting. As well as choose lighting within your cabinets to highlight those beautiful items within your glass doors.

Choosing Vanity Cabinets

Bathroom Planning & Design

Bathroom Planning and Design includes any assistance in choosing from the additional materials you need to complete your bathroom remodel. We make shopping quick and easy for any bathroom renovation. Not only choosing vanity cabinets, as well as cabinet hardware. To selections in beautiful bathroom countertops. Such as Granite, Quartz, Marble, or Wood Countertops.

As well as completing a shower remodel or tub shower combination. Designers will assist in the overall selections of shower tiles. As well as introduce you to our Waterproof shower system installation kit. Include tiles for your backsplash or accent walls. Ready to update your bathroom flooring. Choose from our affordable selections of luxury vinyl tile or tile flooring.

In addition, Bath Designer will assist with choosing color swatches and sample choices. As well as layout a color board that demonstrates the final design. Finalizing patterns, colors, and textures, shown together provide a complete final layout for your bathroom design.

Building a bathroom suite to accommodate those luxurious finishes? Maybe a tough and rugged bath that meets the daily routine of children running in and out and the daily grind of work? Therefore, with the assistance of a bathroom remodel expert and a one stop shop we make planning and designing your bathroom a snap.

Good Bathroom Design

Good bathroom designs begins with a bath mock-up. This bathroom design includes a choice of a furniture vanity. Moreover, fits nicely in the space. As well as the use of  a tub surround with glass doors sets adjacent. Unique to the bath design is the use of tiles from the floor to wall. As well as a accent tile running through the wall design. Selections can be found in our large Tile Design Center.

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French Creek Designs supplies all your favorite bathroom accessories to make comfort and style come together. Therefore, get started with one of our bathroom designers to provide quality updates or a complete bathroom renovation. As well as building your home, we assist in the finishes for your new construction.

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Choosing Vanity Cabinets

Finally, purchasing vanity cabinets is simple and fun at French Creek Designs Cabinet Store. Consult with a Designer and shop bathroom cabinets or vanities. As well as ask a designer regarding traditional vanity cabinets to furniture vanities, to wall hanging vanities. Each designer will assist in the overall design of your bathroom remodel. Therefore, hurry stop in our showroom to peruse those beautiful products available to create a bathroom you will enjoy for years to come.

Bathroom Designers

French Creek Designs has qualified bathroom designers. Ready to provide bathroom planning and design work. As well as Casper’s best bath Remodel Store provides FREE measures, consultation, and quotes. Whether your project is a small powder room or large master en suite, every bathroom can benefit from good design. Therefore, while function is the overall driver of bath planning and design, many clients also want to create a relaxing and beautiful spa-like bathroom.

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Bringing comfort, luxury, and relaxation to bathroom renovations. We care about your well being. French Creek Designs Bathroom remodel store, where shopping and designing go hand in hand. In a friendly, fun atmosphere. Come Shop with us!

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