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Tile Design Center

Casper’s Tile Design Center makes designing with tile fun and exciting. Including large design tables ready for you to pull samples. Further, stop in today and start building design palettes for your renovation. Shop French Creek Designs Tile Design Center, where you won’t exhaust your possibilities in tile. With designers ready to assist in pulling samples, designing, or just giving advice, French Creek Designers are here for you.

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Tub and Shower Surrounds

First, with thousands of tile options ready to choose from, including all sizes of tiles, as well as beautiful tile accents and mosaics, bathrooms just got exciting! Starting with designing your shower surround and tub surrounds and then, including everything you need to complete a shower renovation.

To begin, learn about the Schluter tub and shower systems. Schluter offers everything you need for a dependable and watertight shower, as well as providing beautiful niches. Include those shower shelves, and grates for long lasting beauty. Choose bullnose tile or use tile profiles, as well as their grout, ALL-SET. We have everything you need to complete a tile project in the bathroom.

Floor Warming for Tile Floors

When tiling floors, we are under the assumption that they are just meant to be cold. However, Floor Warming is a delight to those bare toes. Choosing a floor warming system is easy with Schluter Ditra Heat.  Each system comes with an electric floor warming thermostat. Therefore, get a quote, for your new flooring and add heat to your floors to keep your room warmer, along with those bare toes.

Tile Backsplashes

Next, looking for a tile backsplash in simple subway tiles or more elaborate designs. Casper’s tile design center has all the designs you are looking for. Therefore, if your kitchen is looking for a refresh, updating or adding backsplash can transform your entire kitchen.

Looking to do a tile project yourself? Try out some DIY tiles. Such as, take a look at  Simplystick Mosaic, as well as Minute Mosaix. We have affordable options for kitchen backsplashes. Whether you are doing it yourself, or you hire a professional, we have everything you need for your tile projects.

Full Wall Accents

Moreover, with creating beautiful wall accents, we have you covered. Including, selections of stunning marble-looks, such as Lumia Leaf Mosaic. Be sure to take a look at good bathroom designs with full wall accents, as well as great ideas for DIY tile walls in dining rooms, foyers, etc. Try Minute Mosaix for functional and beautiful DIY designs. Looking for Antimicrobial tiles? We have them. If you can dream it, we can help you plan it.

Tile Flooring

Finally, when it comes to tile flooring, beautiful marble and wood-looks are available to make any room look luxurious. As well as rustic in design or simple farmhouse. When it comes to flooring options we have you covered. Looking for concrete-looks for more industrial designs? Ask a designer to pull samples for your creative tile designs. Also, consider encaustic tile for stunning floors, and back drops.

Designing In A Click

French Creek Designs has designers ready to work for you. Just click and schedule a consultation or showroom visit. To speak in person, call our showroom at 307-337-4500. Did you know that our kitchen and bathroom designers assist in the small updates all the way to complete remodels? Bathroom planning and design services are FREE – including an initial consultation and measure. When it comes to good bathroom design start with one of our professional designers.

Finally, discover our Kitchen planning and design services. Where custom kitchens are our specialty. We design right beside you and your builder, contractor, or handyman to make sure your design fits. As well as ensure a beautiful design that is fully functional.

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Indoor to Outdoor Living Spaces

Designing from the indoors to outdoor living spaces includes designing comfort into your daily lifestyle. Having the comfort of indoor beauty throughout the year, especially those crisp days. As well as the comfort outdoors, on warm and cozy days of adventure. We want to bring living spaces to a whole new level of comfort and well-being. Adding a cohesive design from the indoor to outdoors, that keeps you comfortable every day of the year.

Stacked Stone

Start with stacked stone. Our showroom has a large selection for designing indoor or outdoor fireplaces. As well as backsplashes to exterior garden walls. Therefore, when designing fireplaces stacked stone is a great place to start.

Stacked stone can be surprising by nature. Many only think of rustic or farmhouse using stacked stone. However, there are many beautiful contemporary tones in cool beautiful greys, stark whites, and black. Stacked stone never gets old and carries a weight of value with it. As well as stacked stone works great on exteriors. Not to mention great surrounds for outdoor kitchens and planters. No matter your choice from a kitchen backsplash to full wall splash. Let one of our tile designers build a quote for you.

Outdoor Pavers

As well as our Tile Design Center designs from the inside to the outside with Patio pavers. Beautifully selected pavers from wood looks to stone looks now come in fantastic designs. Porcelain pavers are great for designing outdoor walk ways.

Backyard Patio Designs begin with Zeroslip technology from Arterra. As well as freeze thaw resistance, and including ease of durability and low maintenance. Designing gardening areas or anything you can dream up. Learn all about purchasing porcelain pavers. Ask a designer for a quote.

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