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Decorative Shower Niches

Shower Niche Accent Tiles add character and charm. To create a decorative shower niche is easy and affordable. With thousands of mosaics to choose from you can have a decorative shower niche designed. Shower niches can be designed to any size that is within the boundaries of the shower walls. Are niches only for showers? No, tub surrounds are great places as well to add a decorative niche. A shower niche holds those quick personal items. In addition, to flameless candles and decorative items.

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Niches that extend the length of one wall are elegant and purpose to hold more items. As well as allow for a combination of accent tiles to create more elaborate designs. Smaller shower niches generally will only include one accent tile of choice. However, they are not limited except by size. Shower Niche Accent Tiles can be in various textures and designs. From a marble tile accent to a wood-look tile accent.

Design With Shower Niche Accent Tiles

One beautiful way to create a decorative shower niche is too follow through the remainder of the wall horizontally. So your accent follows the full width of the wall and then flows through the niche. As shown in photo with the grey concrete-look tile and the geometric accent running through. Another beautiful option is to run your accent vertical, creating a waterfall design. Again running through the shower niche. Other terms used to describe a shower niche is tile niche recessed or shower shelf built in.

Schluter Tub/Shower-Systems For Waterproof Showers

When it comes to shower and tub renovations, one product is recommended by installers Schluter. Purchasing a shower-system that is waterproof is vital when choosing to remodel a shower/tub surround. Schluter Tub/Shower-Systems offers everything you need for a dependable and watertight shower or tub surround installation. Frequently known, tiles and grout joints are not automatically waterproof. Therefore, they must be installed with a waterproofing system that can efficiently manage moisture and prevent mold growth. As well as, Schluter offer benches and niches that are easy to add to the installation. Shower Niche Accent Tiles become a breeze to complete. In addition, to all the Schluter shower accessories available. Such as a Tile Shower Shelf with matching shower grates and tile profiles.

Working with a Bathroom Designer

With qualified kitchen and bath designers to choose from. Designing decorative shower niches at French Creek Designs Kitchen & Bath Showroom is a breeze. Casper’s Design Center of choice. With Cabinets and countertops of choice. Affordable Granite and Quartz Slab Yard available to choose your kitchen countertops. In addition, to a large selection of flooring and wall tiles.

When scheduling a consultation a designer will be assigned to you. The design process includes a large selection of samples to check out as well as a measure. Designers work with you to establish your budget and design. Bringing your dream space to life.

Shower Niche Accent Tiles

Shower Niches

Beautifully selected shower niche accent tiles for this hearty designed shower. As well as try for a more sleek look Streamlined subway tiles for a modern appeal.

Below we have shared the use of accent tiles for shelves. As well as full wall decorative tiles for creating unique spaces. When planning and designing showers choose a French Creek Designs Bathroom designer. They with help you evaluate your bathroom designs. Shop locally at our Cabinet Store and Tile Design Center.

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