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White Oak Bar Top, Anvil Metal

White Oak Bar Top, Anvil Metal complete in this transitional kitchen featured in Atlanta Georgia, House Beautiful in 2016. Moreover, this beautiful White Oak Bar Top and Shelves in this kitchen remodel completed by Grothouse. Shop wood countertops at French Creek Designs Countertops Store. Including, over 60+ wood species, and 30 edge profiles available from Grothouse. Dream it and Grothouse will build it.

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White Oak Bar Top with Anvil Metal, and Shelves in this kitchen remodel is beautiful. The bar top has a roundover top and bottom edge. As well as finished with an Anvil Metal Textured Finish, called Argentum. In addition, for durability, a Durata Waterproof Permanent Finish was applied. This Anvil Metal Bartop accents beautifully over the blue cabinetry and a stainless steel sink. Finally, custom floating shelves were added with hidden brackets made of composite substrate. These shelves also finished with Anvil™ Argentum metal finish to match the bar top and complete the look.

Anvil Metal Wood Finishes

Anvil Metal is available in 8 stunning coatings. Moreover, each coating takes on completely different looks, depending upon the wood or substrate they cover. The complete line includes Axel, Kratos, Ferrum, Medallion, Exodus, Magnum, Palladium and Argentum. These finishes are exclusive through Grothouse. In addition, they can be applied to a countertop, bar top, or shelves, making a stunning finish to any project.

Durata, Waterproof Wood Finish

In addition, to choosing beautiful white oak countertops. Consider adding Durata Permanent Finish, wet areas are no longer an issue. Not only does it come with a lifetime warranty it is also food safe, waterproof, and durable. As well as impervious to most household chemicals. Therefore, couple with islands, kitchen perimeters, bar tops, coffee bars and vanities. Display beautiful wood countertops in wet areas safely and for years to come!

Grothouse Customizable Wood Tops

French Creek Designs is an authorized dealer of Grothouse. Shop butcher block, wood countertops, and bar tops. In addition, Grothouse features fully customizable solid wood tops with the patented Durata waterproof finish. This waterproof finish is engineered for use in commercial bars and restaurants. As well as available is food safe Original Oil finish for prep areas, for use on butcher block. Provides a natural finish and restoration for various woods.

As well as Grothouse also carries a line of fine furniture. Design it and they will build it. Therefore, when it comes to owning an heirloom piece, you can’t go wrong with Grothouse designs. Finally, be sure to ask about our special pricing for our  Wood Island Countertop Program, limited to four wood species, as well as sizes.

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When it comes to designing beautiful homes, French Creek Designs is where shopping comes together in one place. Your builder, contractor, or handymen will appreciate the convenience of a one stop pick-up.

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White Oak Countertops, Anvil Metal

Shop White Oak Countertops at French Creek Designs Countertop Store. As well as inquire about laser engraving to personalize your wood surface as shown above. Have a favorite quote, scripture, or logo? Make your wood top or shelves an heirloom today!

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When it comes to designing beautiful homes, French Creek Designs is where shopping comes together in one place. Your builder, contractor, or handymen will appreciate the convenience of a one stop pick-up.

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