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Strategic Planning & Shopping

Kitchen Design Centers facilitate planning and designing of your kitchen space. Not only looking at the esthetics of the overall kitchen design. As well as planning out storage and proper use of the space. Therefore, choosing a kitchen design center provides you with a quality designer. As well as a final design, layout, and assistance in choosing materials. Finally, professional quotes. Shop Casper’s Kitchen Design Center right here at French Creek Designs, for professional kitchen planning, design, and quality quotes.

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Kitchen Planning Process

What to expect from quality kitchen design centers? A designer who consults with you regarding overall design, budget, and goals. As well as a home consultation to review the actual project area, measure, and consult with your contractor. A designer will not only provide a quality layout and design. As well as assist in providing a cohesive color palette. Discuss storage options. Therefore, designing beauty and function in one.

If the designer will not go out on the job to review the actual project. You could end up with an unfinished or ill completed project. Therefore, site visits are imperative to the completion and overall finished job. As well as it may take several site visits depending upon the depth of the renovation. Choose a proper fit for your local kitchen design center, right here at French Creek Designs. It will be the difference between a beautiful, functional renovation or a frustrated, ill completed finish.

Choosing a Contractor

Be sure to do your homework when choosing a quality contractor. Ask for referrals from friends, family, and various sources. However, do your research. Look online for reviews. Ask to see completed work photos. As well as actually contact a few of their clients. Kitchen Design Centers can’t be responsible for the contractor.

The contractor is responsible to complete the job requested and provide ample information. If the answer is yes, yes, yes. You might want to check around. A good contractor will provide you with honest answers and suggestions. If they are uncomfortable with the design, they may not be the one for the job. As well as your designer may need to revamp the design, based on the contractor suggestions. A good designer will assist the contractor and home owner to provide a quality finished design that fits the space.

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What make French Creek Designs Kitchen Design Center different. Our Kitchen Designers provide you with a FREE measure and consultation. We are here to work with you to complete a quality kitchen layout. As well as shopping is a breeze. Our showroom has the whole kitchen ensemble to offer from our cabinet store to countertops. As well as flooring available in luxury vinyl tile and engineered hardwood. Not to mention the large selection of tile flooring. When it comes to backsplash options, we have a large selection of tile accents and mosaics for any wall design.

As well as our beautiful Kitchen Accessories are available. Including, a great selection of sinks, faucets, and cabinet hardware. Including cabinet lighting and power strips. French Creek Designs is Casper’s favorite kitchen design center with its expansive showroom. Including affordable interior solutions. Whether you are looking for a quick refresh or a full remodel, French Creek Designs is here to help you achieve your goals.

Therefore, Custom Kitchen Remodels are our specialty, with qualified hands on designers ready to work with you. Working closely with your builder, contractor, or handymen to make every project a success.

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Shop French Creek Designs, Casper’s Kitchen Design Center. Located right here at 1030 W Collins Dr., Corner of Collins and N Poplar in Casper, Wyoming. Casper’s largest kitchen design center offers everything you need simple refreshing updates, to full kitchen remodels, or new construction kitchen.

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Learn about cabinet selections, finishes, and door styles. With wood tones trending find ways to tie in wood tones with any kitchen design.

Designing In A Click

French Creek Designs has designers ready to work for you. Just click and schedule a consultation or showroom visit. To speak in person, call our showroom at 307-337-4500. Did you know that our kitchen designers assist in the small updates all the way to a complete remodels? Kitchen planning and design services are FREE. Including an initial consultation and measure. Custom Kitchens start with good kitchen design and one of our professional designers.

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