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Design Color Into Your Bathroom

Color Wheel Bathroom Tile is the perfect way to design color into your bathroom. Not only does it maintain a perfect color wheel of selection. Such as vibrant colors to soft hues. As well as striking whites, blacks, and greys. When it comes to color you can’t go wrong with the Color Wheel Bathroom tile Collection. Therefore, hurry in and shop the Color Wheel Tile Collection at French Creek Designs Tile Design Center.

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Color, Tile, And Designing

Ready to add color, dimension, and style to any room of your home. Finally, a tile collection that meets the match. Color Wheel Tile Collection is ready to retro, modernize, or maintaining traditional design. The element of visually representing color is complete in a color wheel. Therefore, this Color Wheel tile collection represents a vibrant collection of color from all spectrum’s of color. As well as bight hues to neutral, earthy tones.

Explore And Design More

Not only does the Color Wheel Tile Collection meet your color demands as well as beautiful shapes. Starting with the wall tile Color Wheel Classic which offers 12 solid neautral tones. As well as 18 rich semi-gloss colorful accents. Also, available in semi-gloss an matte finishes. Choices available in 4 sizes; 6×6, 4×4, to a 3×6 and includes a 3×6 beveled profile.

Next, include options in Color Wheel Linear, a glazed ceramic wall tile. Featuring 8 earthy neutral hues, as well as 8 vibrant accents. Also, available in semi-gloss and matte finishes. Available in 6 exceptional sizes for designing. Such as 8×24, 6×18, 4×16, 4×12, 4×8, and a 2×8.

Designing Tile In Patterns

From the Color Wheel Linear collection includes a beautiful pattern guide when designing in pattern, color, and various designs. Download the Color Wheel Linear Tile Pattern Guide.

Next also, include the Color Wheel Mosaic, glazed ceramic floor and wall tiles. For customizable patterns. Once again offered in 8 brilliant semi-gloss accent colors. As well as 8 neautral tones in semi-gloss or matte finishes. With trusty choices in sizes and patterns. Such as 2×2 mosaic and 1×6 mosaic. Perfect for adding in detail. As well as 1.5 hexagons, to include Arctic White and a Black Hexagon. Great for those black and white designs. Not to mention the beautiful 1×3 Herringbone and 1×3 lattice weave. Ready, yes, they have the beautiful and fun penny rounds.

Finally, Color Wheel Retro has arrived, in a glazed ceramic floor and wall tile. Indescribable seven colors from the color wheel collection. As well as a black and white that is available in a matte and semi-glossy finish. Whether designing in retro or chic, this is where you will find your happy.

Color Your Bathroom

Accessories are another beautiful way to color your bathroom. Stop in and shop now for LED Lighting & Power Strips at French Creek Designs Bathroom Remodel Store. Include LED lighting fixtures and power strips to enhance your bathroom remodel project! Adding LED lighting to your bathroom not only adds ambiance to the room. As well as creates safety in the evening hours. Power sources hidden away make for ease of use of those quick grab appliances. Yet maintaining a beautiful bathroom design.

Acrylic Cabinets & Painted Cabinets

Cabinets are a fun and exciting way to add color to your bathroom. Starting, with trending acrylic kitchen cabinets are becoming more popular in American homes. Shop Acrylic Cabinets at French Creek Designs, European slab doors. Firstly, these acrylic finishes are known for a high gloss look. This makes them smooth and highly reflective. Acrylic cabinets come in several colors. Some finishes include neutral colors and hues such as bright reds and deep blues. The soft finish and unique colors pair well with European style slab cabinets. The results are a fun, sleek, and modern look.

Painted Cabinets steal the show. Delicate whites, delightful blues, dreamy greens. Comfortable greys or a little pizazz of red. Whatever your colorful dream is in cabinets. Designing with color has never been more fun. As well as we can match a color specific to your design if needed through our paint store color swatches.

Choose from any one of our cabinet lines for just the right amount of color.

Shop Color Wheel Tile Collection from French Creek Designs Tile Design Center in Casper, WY

Color Wheel Bathroom Tile

Did you know that you have available kitchen and bathroom designers right here at French Creek Designs. One of the many benefits of shopping the experience and fun right here in Casper, Wyoming. We are your resource for updating and renovation rooms in your home. As well as our Tile Design Center has the Color Wheel bathroom tile collection right here to stack out on our design tables and start designing.

Shower Designs

Designing showers is a great space for adding colors and dimension to your bathroom. Color selections and choices available to make your bathroom exclaim, excitement, adventure, or calming. For a relaxing spa like bathroom. Design your bathroom shower your way.

Important elements when designing a shower is

onsider a waterproof shower system for a lifetime warranty shower. As well as include shower shelves an shower grates. Also, use matching stone or remnants from your new bathroom countertops to create various shelves, benches, and curbs.

Trending in shower designs are beautiful curbless shower designs. Clean designs as well as work wonders for aging in place. Remove the curb from your shower and enjoy a zero entry shower. Not only are curbless showers sleek in design, as well as include ease of maintenance and safety. Ideal for aging in place. Curbless showers are also made to meet ADA requirements.

The Shopping Difference

With the large selection of samples available to shop, cabinets, countertops, flooring, and tile. Designers ready to assist in planning out and designing your space. How could you go wrong. Stop into the ONE STOP Shop and start designing with us your home improvement project.

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French Creek Designs has designers ready to work for you. Just click and schedule a consultation or showroom visit. Instead, if you prefer to speak in person, call our showroom at 307-337-4500. Did you know that our designers assist in the small updates all the way to complete remodels? Not only are our Bathroom planning and design services FREE. They include an initial consultation, measure and quotes. Therefore, when it comes to good bathroom design start with one of our professional designers.

As well as consider our Kitchen planning and design services. Where your custom kitchen design comes together for a beautiful functional kitchen.

Bringing comfort, luxury, and joy to bathroom renovations. We care about your well being. French Creek Designs bathroom remodel store, where shopping and designing go hand in hand. In a friendly, fun atmosphere. Come Shop with us!

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