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Shower Accessories Add Beauty

Purchasing shelves and grates for tub surrounds and showers is no longer traditional in nature. When planning and designing your shower renovation. Be sure to stop in and learn about the Schluter products made to perfect your shower design. Therefore, creating a beautiful, yet functional shower. As well as tub surrounds.

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First, in an array of shower selections is corresponding shower shelves, tile edge profiles, and shower grates to beautifully cover the shower drain. Selections include traditional square shower grates to modern linear designs. Which include a beautiful selection of metal colors. Such as, Matte Black, Matte White, Griege, Stone Grey, Cream, and Bronze.

Tile Edge Profiles

The current trends in tile have met their match with Schluter Edge Profiles that beautifully enhance the tile selections. In addition, to metal finishes which include, aluminum, stainless steel, zinc, and brass. Therefore, not interested in bulky bullnose. Sleek and clean describe, Schluter edge profiles.
As well as PVC Plastic options available in select lines of edge profiles. Now available in the six most popular TRENDLINE profile finishes. In addition, the array of textured and color-coated aluminum finishes allows you to create cohesive designs with your tile. Whether you choose a complementary or contrasting look, the design possibilities are endless with tile edge profiles.

Installers Choose Edge Profiles

From an installer’s perspective, Schluter®-Profiles protect tile edges from cracking and chipping, eliminate the need for caulking. As well as provide easy transitions between adjacent floor and wall coverings. Integrated within field tile, Schluter®-Profiles can create bold or subtle elements of design, while ensuring the integrity of the tile installation. Therefore, when planning your next bathroom remodel be sure to add tile edge profiles.

Bathroom Renovations With Schluter Products

Purchasing Shelves And Shower Grates to complete any shower or bath design will add beautiful benefits. As well as add Schluter Edge profiles. Finally, you will find a complete line of Schluter products at French Creek Designs Bath Store for all those bathroom renovations. Order yours today, call 307-337-4500.

Schluter Shower Drains, Benches and Pipe Seals

From drains, to shower niches, to shower benches, to waterproofing pipe seals, Schluter Systems offers everything you need. In addition, to the waterproofing Schluter Shower System designing a shower to not only be beautiful, as well as functional. Shower systems can be selected to not only fit your space, as well as your design needs.

Prefabricated substrates include, kerdi board niches, benches, and curbs. All you need to complete a beautiful tub or shower surround. Stop in and let a designer assist in putting together a shower system that will not only elevate your shower, as well as bring comfort and beauty.

Ditra-Heat Electric Floor Warming Systems

Ready to update your flooring, be sure to make those toes cozy. Welcomed warmth will be a joy for those crisp fall mornings, winter cozy, and spring refresh. Therefore, take the time to add into your flooring design Ditra-Heat, to keep those toes warm. When choosing the beauty and durability of stone, floor tile, or resilient floor coverings (WPC, LVT, LVP, etc.,) in your project, ask a designer today!

Purchasing Shelves And Grates

Purchasing Shelves and Grates, from Schluter is easy when you stop into French Creek Designs. As well as you will find shelves, grates and profile samples. Not to mention everything you need for a waterproof seamless shower system. French Creek Designs has your materials for a successful shower or tub surround installation.

Purchasing Schluter Shelves and Grates at French Creek Designs kitchen and bath Store in Casper, WY

Curbless Showers to Traditional Showers

After installation of your shower system, walk in shower tile designs begin to take shape. From luxurious tile designs, to comforting, relaxing tile designs. As well as farmhouse delight or rustic comfort.

Starting with one such luxurious appeal with Lumia Leaf Mosaic an enchanting  modern appeal. As well as streamline subway tiles, along with their Jewel Listellos are always a delight when designing a shower. Including tile choices in more subtle or industrial looks are available as well.

More Designer Inspiration in Tiles:

If you have a style in mind, stop in and ask one of our designers to assist in designing and planning your bathroom. Moreover, no matter the style, design, or overall aesthetics, we have what you need right here in our beautiful Showroom.

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Working with a Bathroom Designer

Good bathroom design begins with qualified bath designers to choose from. As well as designing decorative shower niches at French Creek Designs Bath Showroom is a breeze. Casper’s Design Center of choice. Including Cabinets and countertops of choice, from our affordable countertop program. In addition, to a large selection of flooring and wall tiles at the Tile Design Center.

When scheduling a consultation a designer will be assigned to you. The design process includes a large selection of samples to check out. As well as a FREE measure, consultation, and quote. Designers work with you to establish your budget and design. Most of all bringing your dream bathroom style, comfort, and luxury.

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