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New Stained Maple Cabinets Topped With Granite Countertops

Client Kitchen Remodel 125 includes stained maple cabinets and new granite countertops. Therefore, this kitchen refresh is a great demonstration of taking a messy and underutilized corner of the kitchen, creating a beautiful useful space.

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First, they started by taking a pony wall and modifying it for the addition of cabinets. As well as adding an updated island peninsula. Perfect for creating adequate storage and prep area. Not to mention, doubles for a serving area. No more clutter and now a place that is streamlined, as well as holds beautiful decor.

This kitchen corner is now more presentable and enjoyable. In addition, an overhang is added to hide the waste basket behind the wall. In addition, to stained maple cabinets are chosen to match closely with the original cabinets. Topped beautifully with New Venetian Granite Countertops. Polished kitchen countertops are completed with a beautiful bullnose edge profile.

Client Kitchen Remodel 125 is complete with cabinets and countertops.  Client Projects ~ We at French Creek Designs thank you for sharing!

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Design your bar countertops, breakfast bar countertops, island and more from choices in stone or wood. Not only will you increase the value of your home. Your kitchen will feel welcoming, as well as perfect for entertaining guests for years to come.

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When it comes to choosing cabinetry finishes, French Creek Designs Designers can assist in making a perfect choice for your home. As well as increase your cabinet storage with great cabinet organization tools. Kitchen designers begin the process of working within your budget. Therefore, to best utilize your kitchen space to include layout, storage, and beauty.

When it comes to choosing cabinets, maple is a beautiful and affordable option. As well as include a variety of paints or stains. Include a combination of stain and paint to complete the style of choice for your kitchen. Remember to utilize extra space in your kitchen cabinets by adding an island. As well as add a peninsula for space to prep, serve, or even make a coffee bar. Also, include open shelving for storing those quick essentials or beautiful art decor.

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Designer Tip: For lonely pony walls separating space in your home, consider adding light and bright cabinets to create charm and spatial visibility. Learn more about purchasing cabinets, and how to accessorize them adding warmth and beauty into any kitchen design today!

Client Kitchen Remodel 125 | Stained Maple Cabinets found at French Creek Designs in Casper, WY

Client Kitchen Remodel 125

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Stunning cabinet options available to make any kitchen or bath fit within your style of choice. As well as consider the beautiful slab door options available for modern appeal. Great for creating those stunning entertainment walls. Also, available in high gloss to matte finishes, as well as fabrics and wood looks.

As well as topping those beautiful cabinets with refreshing new stone countertops. Be sure to stop in and see all the great materials available to make your next kitchen renovation a success.

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