Trough Sinks Perfectly Suited For Bar Sinks and Prep Sinks

Purchasing trough sinks is great for their linear design and ample workspace or storage space. Some trough sinks work well for bar sinks. As well as provide space for chilling those beverages for a few moments in between. Place ice in the trough. With its natural drainage for the ice to melt off. No mess. Place your drinks on ice. Enjoy. Now your trough sink has an additional function. A perfect beverage cooler. With a graded transition toward the drain, this sink is made for easy clean up.

In addition, trough sinks are perfectly selected for meal preparation areas in islands. Prep sinks offer the much need quick wash and clean. As well as provides that extra needed workspace for cleaning vegetables. Including preparing the exquisite home cooked meal.

Trough Sink Materials

When purchasing trough sinks consider the many materials they come in. Such as the copper sink shown. In which affords you the antibacterial options. Copper sinks offer natural antimicrobial properties. Which help keep your sink clean and safe. As well as choosing from brushed nickel finishes that are striking and beautiful.

Purchasing Trough Sinks For The Bathroom

Bathroom trough sinks are perfectly selected and become a natural focal point in any bathroom design. Fully functional and add more room for cleanup. In addition, trough sinks work wonders in mud rooms and laundry rooms for those extra clean up items or gardening projects.

When purchasing trough sinks note they come in Nickel and Copper. As well as take a look at the beautiful natural concrete sinks. Concrete sinks colors choices of ash, white, earth, slate and charcoal. As well as concrete trough sinks are perfectly suited for any bath, laundry, or mud room.

Kitchen & Bathroom Planning

When starting a Kitchen or Bathroom remodel or new construction every detail counts. Let a Kitchen and Bathroom designer from French Creek Designs design and plan with you. From budget to overall finishes, color palettes and verification with a contractor we help.  Our expansive showroom has all you need to complete your project from cabinets, countertops, flooring and tile and mosaics for those full walls or backsplash options.

Kitchen Cabinet Samples and Countertop Samples Available

Kitchen cabinet samples are available for check out. In addition, sample doors can be ordered. When it comes to stone, there is no substitute for viewing full slabs of granite or quartz. You will be able to view our inventory of granite and quartz at our local slab yard. Alternatively, French Creek Designs can arrange client viewing of stone slabs. In addition, purchasing a trough sink stop in to see samples and kitchen sinks on display.

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Purchasing Trough Sinks

French Creek Designs Sink Selections

Purchasing tough sinks, such as the one above for your bar or island provides adequate space. Whether prepping meals or serving drinks you will enjoy entertaining and cooking. As well as take a look at French Creek Designs online Store for beautiful selection of sinks. Stop into our showroom for additional sink selections and discounts.

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