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Positano – The Murano Sink Collection

Shop beautiful handcrafted sinks, such as the Positano Vessel Sink at French Creek Designs. Elegant, is where Positano vessel sinks meet function and beauty. Moreover, each Positano vessel sink is crafted by expert Murano glass makers. Italian glass makers create spun-glass sinks. Using techniques handed down over many generations. The result, Murano glass makers transform molten glass into elegant handcrafted sinks. In which, no two glass sinks are perfectly spun the same.

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Therefore, Positano vessel sink is one of the finely spun sinks. An eye-catching glass vessel sink, truly fine art for the bathroom. The Murano Sink Collection perfectly displays age-old artisan tradition. Resulting in art, as well as function joined for luxurious sinks.

Luxurious Bathroom Designs

Why not create a space of luxury in your master bath remodel today? As well as consider luxurious space for your guests. Spa-like bathroom designs choose from the Murano bathroom vanity sink collection.

Positano vessel sinks are available in three unique finishes Abalone, Abyss, and Bianco.

Whether, choosing from a striking white glass to a high contrast black for those absolutes.  In addition, to the beautiful seashell look for a softer elegance. You can’t go wrong with a Positano vessel sink to add elegance to your bathroom remodel. Therefore, when choosing luxurious handcrafted sinks Native Trails Murano sinks are a great choice.

Murano Glass Sink Collection

Bathroom Accessories Add Warmth

In addition, to shopping the luxurious Positano Vessel Sinks. Shop for a Heated Towel Rack today! Warm towels in cold months. Crisp Fall is approaching which means winter is not far behind. Keep those blankets, bathrobes, and towels warm and cozy with an Amba Heated Towel Rack. Therefore, with their wide variety of heating racks and accessories, you’ll definitely find one to fit your home.

Remodeling or updating your flooring in your bathroom. Add value and warmth with electric floor warming systems. Not only will the electric floor warming system add value to your home. Your toes will welcome it and so will your guests. Uses for electric floor warming, any where your toes go bare. Remember you can add it to specific areas with customized heating zones. Renovating or new construction be sure to add into your design ditra-heat electric floor warming system.

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Positano Vessel Sink

Buy now from French Creek Designs, the elegant Positano Vessel Sink. Chosen from the Murano Bathroom Sink Collection, beautiful. As well as bathroom accessories are available to enhance any bathroom update or remodel.

Start designing with one of our bathroom designers. Luxurious bathrooms begin with the Muraon glass sink collection. As well as adding a little warmth, with heated towel racks. Remember, to add Ditra-Heat, to your updated floors. Keeping those bare toes warm and cozy.

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