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Fine Art For The Bath, Glass Sinks

Murano Glass Sinks are a fine collection of bathroom vessel sinks. Each sink combines age-old artisan tradition. As well as contemporary design and function. Expert Italian Glass-Makers produce spun-glass sinks. Techniques handed down for generations. As well as each sink is a one-of-a-kind piece of luxury.

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The Murano Collection contains five Design Series in vessel sinks. Now in 2023 a sixth just as beautiful design has been added. Each vessel sink design incorporates colors and patterns inspired by views of the Italian Coastline.

Amalfi – Coastal Shell Design

Distinct from the Murano Glass Sinks is the Amalfi glass vessel sink. With it’s beautiful shell base. As well as it’s intricate coloring. This bathroom sink is irresistible. Delicately bringing function and beauty to the for front. In ART and Design. Amalfi comes in three distinct colors.

Lido – Beachcombers Delight

Separate from the Amalfi. Yet in it’s own distinction. Comes the Lido glass vessel sink. Murano glass sinks are distinct in coloration and design. Lido has more of a bowl shape. As well as intricate coloring inside the bowl. Lido comes in four distinct color options.

Positano – Beach Goers Delight

Truly vessel in nature with a 4.5 inch deep basin is the Positano. Positano glass vessel sink is truly striking. Especially when unveiled in it’s black Abyss color. With a nice 16″ base expanding across. Is ample room for a bathroom sink. Positano comes in three distinct colors.

Roma – Marina Series

Roma glass sink is a distinguished half-globe shape. Which provides a deep bowl for cleansing and reduced splashing. Each sink has distinct ribbed exterior.The color and pattern is created in the molding and spinning process. Uniquely each has a beautiful flow surrounding the exterior in either a white and blue touch of ocean feel or a translucent and white touch of class.

Sorrento – Shell Seekers Joy

Sorreneto could be the sister to the Amalfi and Lido. With its unique shell shape. The Sorrento vessel bathroom sink is a delicate beauty. When creating a luxury bath. Any one of these beauty’s will display atop any stone countertop design. Choose from three shell distinguished colors.

Verona – Distinction By The Water

Verona is more traditional with it’s bowl shape. However, nothing is traditional beyond the shape. With it’s unique coloration’s in four distinct colors. Choosing a Verona vessel glass sink. The Murano glass sinks collection is a perfect choice.

Murano Glass Sinks

Whether your project is a small powder room or large master en suite, every bathroom can benefit from good design. While function is the overall driver of bath planning and design, many clients also want to create a relaxing and beautiful spa like bathroom. Choose from any one of these Murano Glass Sinks for a taste of luxury. With six distinct lines and spectacular colors.

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