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Choosing Cabinet Design Essentials

Choosing cabinet design, where to begin? Planning a cabinet design can seem overwhelming. Some just leave it to a kitchen designer and with no questions asked or inquired from the designer. Only to find when they start using the kitchen, they hate it and don’t even know why. It’s beautiful, however, not functional!

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Kitchen Designing and Planning

Start with questions that will determine the overall function of your kitchen. How, as a family, do we use and function in a kitchen area? Do you have someone in the family who takes cooking seriously? Do you entertain a lot? Does the family spend a lot of time doing games, homework, or other activities in the kitchen area? Is their little to no activity in the kitchen?

Designing Kitchens for Cooks

For the serious cook who uses the kitchen on a regular routine, function is the overall element of choice. Beautiful and no function leaves a cook frustrated. If you want a well-prepared meal and enjoy the atmosphere start with the overall planning for the cook of the family. Where is the ideal placement of the cooking utensils, pots, bowls, cookbooks, etc located? Once function is established design follows suite to create a beautiful and fun kitchen all feel welcome and can enjoy.

Designing for Entertaining

Entertaining on the list. Guests want to feel welcomed and move easily in and out of the area. As well as the homeowner supplied with adequate entertaining space. In which may entail an island or bar space or pass-through area in a kitchen.  In some instances, two or more islands may be required based on space available. Where are the linens, tableware, glassware, or stemware located for instance? A well-planned entertaining area, even if a small area can make entertaining an enjoyable experience.

Designing for Family Use

The joy of games or quite space for homework or work projects may be essential to the overall planning of your kitchen. Providing a seating area around a bar, island, or window seating area can provide that interaction and quite time needed as well as a place for sitting down as a family that plays games. Playing games keeps families together, sharing and enjoying each other’s company.  In addition, to power outlets for quick ease and access of charging or powering your laptops, phones, etc.

Kitchen Cabinet Accessories

Choosing Cabinet Design based on cabinet accessories and storage are intricate in the overall design. As well as several of the suggested thought processes in planning and designing your kitchen is the specialty items or accessories. Such as lighting over the cabinets or under the cabinets or maybe toe kick is essential for those evenings of moving around the kitchen for a glass of water or a midnight snack. Cabinet hardware, ease of access to cabinets and drawers.

Designing Your Kitchen In Style

Final design ideas can be applied once essentials are established. Choosing your cabinets from custom to semi-custom begins. As well as choosing a cabinetry finish which compliments your style. Such as choosing a patina finish for a rustic, to modern, to industrial style. As well as clean lines with slab door styles.

As well as Choosing Cabinet Design that fits within budget and needs. Budget is based on cabinetry line of choice, as well as the style of doors, floor to ceiling cabinetry for extra storage, painted, stained or natural cabinetry. To name just a few.

Modern, rustic, farmhouse, or traditional?  What is the center focal point of your kitchen going to be? Use of color combinations, such as natural dark cabinets on the perimeter and a white painted island in the center. No matter, the style you choose or want to establish availability of semi-custom to custom cabinetry options available.

Choosing semi-custom cabinets from Crown shown create beautiful spaces for kitchens, bathrooms, laundry, mudrooms, and entertainment walls. See many options below for choosing various styles of cabinets from painted, stained, or view acrylic. Then, add LED lighting & power strips for extra lighting and safety.

Cabinet Selections Start Here

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Choosing A Designer

Designers assist in the overall design process of choice and style of cabinets, theme of rooms, proper materials selected and ordered. A good designer asks the right questions and build your design your way that compliments the space.

Most importantly share your budget with your designer. They can’t design or consult with you properly without knowing your budget. Get a quality design and layout with budget in mind. Choose a French Creek Designer today to start your renovation project. Read more about our process and regular updates on client projects and new materials selections and choices at FCD News a reliable source of information and current trends.

Choosing a personalized cabinetry showroom such as French Creek Designs, provides you some amenities. Choosing Cabinet Design options, such as, a designer ready to assist. Everything from measuring, asking questions regarding needs, sharing pitfalls other clients have fallen into. Personalized assistance with choosing cabinets is a necessity for most homeowners. Finally, choosing a cabinet design that is not only beautiful, but overall functional is essential. Ask quality questions regarding your next kitchen cabinet purchase. We are Casper’s Cabinet Selection Showroom.

Top Your Cabinets: Countertops

Also, consider shopping for new countertop options for beautiful, bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. Whether designing a full accent wall, fireplace surround, mantel or hearth find products that will make your home beautiful one room at at time.

Countertops no longer just cover cabinets. As they move up the wall into beautiful full wall accents, to short backsplash. As well as fireplace surrounds, mantels, and hearths. Also, consider tables, decorative tables, desk tops, and so much more.

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