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ColorBody Porcelain Tile, Vertuo

Vertuo Floor Tile in a dramatic gray marble look, stands alone. Luxurious tastes, yet durable, Vertuo ColorBody Porcelain Tile is your answer to beautiful tile designs. As well as Vertuo includes a beautiful chevron to boast with a solid coloration tile. Moreover, you can shop Vertuo Floor Tile at French Creek Designs Tile Design Center. Where you will find 1,000’s of choices in tile, shop our tile department today.

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Large Tile Formats with Mix & Match Compatibility

Vertuo Tile Collection features several unique large sizes. Including a beautiful chevron mosaic as stated above. Selections of this marble look include coordinating colors and graphics. Allowing for mix and match in design. Including six neautral, yet powerful colors pallets. Mix and match between solids and stria visual designs.

Select from Vertuo Tile Collection Colors shown below:

  • Bravura
  • Stria Bravura
  • Composer
  • Maestro
  • Stria Composer
  • Stria Maestro

Vertuo tile collection names are as sophisticated and delightful as the color combinations. Each stands alone in a beautiful marble look. Moreover, uses include floor, wall, and countertop. Not to mention shower floors. Best of all Vertuo includes an exterior matching Tread Paver. Start designing those beautiful outdoor areas, walkways and patios.

Designing with Vertuo Tile

Therefore, when designing with the Vertuo tile collection they include essential color blocks of black, white, and grey. Unique large sizes, including an all new 8×48 plank size in a marble look design. As well as a chevron mosaic, each coordinated to meet the design needs of any room in your home. Four unique sizes are offered for the floor. Finally, coordinating Chevron Mosaics in all size color pallets. Including TrueEdge technology implemented for minimal grout joints.

Chevron Tiles Compliment

The look of Chevron Tile Accents incorporates both simplicity and luxury. Furthermore, these mosaic tiles can compliment almost any space. Indeed, from Bathroom Showers, Kitchen Backsplashes, Fireplaces, to Flooring. These tiles create appeal in any area of the home. Moreover, start your design today with a wide variety of color, material, and size options. These Chevron Tile Accents will work beautifully into your design.

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Vertuo Floor Tile

Vertuo Floor Tile is versatile in design, as well as luxurious in feel. Choosing from the Vertuo Tile Collection, is one of many among several options at our tile design center. Ensureing a beautiful completed design when finished. Therefore, shop Vertuo Floor Tile for commercial and residential applications.

Shown above in the commercial application. Perfectly designed to enhance the use of chevron marble look tile and a linear design tied together. Not only does this tile design enhances the depth and intrigue of the room. It is just striking.

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