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Schluter Ditra Heat

Floor Warming is a delight to those bare toes. Choosing a floor warming system is easy with Schluter Ditra Heat. In colder climates such as Wyoming. Choosing a little warmth for those bare toes goes a long ways.

Uncoupling Membrane for Tile Floors

Schluter Ditra Heat kits begins with an uncoupling membrane suitable for tile assembly. With its geometric configuration allows for in-plane movement that effectively neutralizes the different movement stresses. Between the substrate and the tile. Thus eliminates the major causes of cracking and delaminating of the tiled surface.

Waterproofing Electric Floor Warming System

Ditra Heat provides reliable waterproofing. With its polyporpylene composition which protects the substrate from moisture. Most substrates are moisture sensitive. Which is why Ditra Heat Electric Floor Warming System is a number one choice. As well as adds free space on the underside. Which provides  a route for excess moisture and vapor to escape. If not removed from the substrate could be damaging to the tile covering above. Therefore, Ditra Heat effectively manages moisture beneath the tile covering.

Support and Load Distribution

Column like mortar structures are formed in and between the studs on the surface of the matting. In which loads are transferred from the tile covering  through these column-like mortar structures to the substrate. As well as Ditra Heat is virtually in-compressible within the tile assembly. Thus, the advantages of uncoupling are achieved without sacrificing the point load distribution capabilities.

Alternate Floor Coverings over Ditra Heat

DITRA-HEAT is suitable for applications with engineered wood and vinyl. Including wood plastic composite (WPC), and luxury vinyl tiles (LVT), luxury vinyl planks (LVP). As well as stone plastic composite (SPC) tiles and planks, and laminate flooring. See the Alternate Floor Coverings over DITRA-HEAT Technical Bulletin for more information, including requirements and limitations.

Floor Warming

Floor Warming

Floor warming uses include any place those bare feet wander in the home. From entry ways to laundry rooms. Include bedrooms as well as cooking areas in the kitchen. Especially nice is the master bathroom or guest baths. When a touch of luxury and warmth are needed choose Ditra Heat Electric Floor Warming System.

Electric Floor Warming Thermostat

Choose from several thermostat options. Programmable Wi-Fi Thermostat which includes the use of wi-fi. As well as a touch screen with a set-up wizard and phone app available. Includes ad child lock function. As well as the programmable thermostat can detect an open window and shut off the heating. Or go more standard and choose a non-programmable digital thermostat for your Ditra-Heat.

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