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Delightful Laundry Rooms

Laundry Room makeovers are delightful.  Boring and distressing laundry rooms need be no more. It is proven that productivity goes up in a enjoyable space. When clutter prevails, stress increases. Making a workspace enjoyable and functional becomes a reward when working. There are several ways to make your laundry room more productive.

Adequate Storage In A Laundry Room

When choosing cabinets for a laundry room. Be sure to configure in those helpful storage areas. From linen closets to shelves. Hamper hideouts. Sorting wet towels from the dry daily clothes is helpful by setting up multiple hamper inserts. As well as adding plenty of countertop space. With washer and dryer front loads. Allows a great space for adding countertops above the appliances. Providing a place to fold those clothes. Don’t forget to add open shelving as well to  have a quick reach of products when doing the laundry.

Large Trough Sinks

Have room for a sink in your laundry room? Be sure to look into several options that make quick cleanups a breeze. Such as adding trough sinks in antibacterial copper. As well as hearty concrete trough sinks in select beautiful colors. Adding a apron farmhouse sink is a great alternative for a sleek finish. As well as hearty rustic or farmhouse styles. Don’t have quite that much space. Choose from any one of the undermount sinks available in several sizes from small to large. Such as the Cocina Prep Sink. Cocina Prep sink is available in several sizes for just the right fit.

Take a look at Purchasing Trough Sinks for more information and selections.

Plants Produce Cleaner Air

Add a variety of beautiful plants to produce cleaner air. As well as plants always create a welcoming atmosphere. A little greenery is a welcome sight. Don’t overwhelm the area with plants. A few throughout or just one or two is sufficient to create an enjoyable area.

Personalize Your Laundry Room

As well as adding those personalized items such as a favorite picture or some art pieces. They can be placed on the walls or placed on open shelving to create interest in the room. As well as adding delightful wall splashes to add character and style to your room. Include trending floor designs. From brick-looks to a stylish Bianco Dolomite Tile in marble. To an Encaustic design is perfect for flooring and walls.

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Laundry Room Makeovers

Laundry Room Makeovers

When it comes to laundry room makeovers. Schedule today with a French Creek Designer to design and plan a functional and beautiful laundry room. Select beautiful laundry room cabinets in our Cabinet Store. As well as find details on laundry room remodels. Such as countertops, flooring, tiles and mosaics. Add accessories such as sinks, faucets, and cabinet hardware.

For that simplistic, hardy look, check out Luxury Vinyl Tile for more information and selection options.

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