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Dramatic Lines, Dramatic Styles

Dramatic wall tiles add some drama to any room. The fireplace to the right in no exception. With a cubed geometric shape and warm color tones is perfect for this fireplace renovation. Therefore, dramatic patterns can bring any room to life. Choosing from geometric shapes to linear shapes is spot on. Now more than ever there are more options, styles, colors, and sizes of tile mosaics that can create a response to any room. Living spaces, bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms are a perfect choice and even add some spark to your fireplace design.

These various tile patterns is perfect to add dimension to any room renovation. Looking for a classy sleek look. Try a glass mosaic that is sleek and dramatic add a single line or run through any shower wall niche. Elegance is achieved with simple solutions as well as dramatic geometric shapes. Choose from a variety of textured tile patterns. Tile Mosaics in various forms is a choice that can make the difference in any room renovation with dramatic wall tiles.

Dramatic Wall Tiles

Geometric tiles in various forms include this timeless look of Rhombix Marble Tile in Dove Polished a modern geometric tile. In addition, try a timeless look of European encaustic tile Kenzzi Porcelain Tile Collections perfect for dramatic floors and walls. In addition, The Idylic Blends collection playfully brings together cool undertones and warm shades with an exciting texture. Dramatic Wall Tiles add life and interest to any kitchen, bath, laundry, or living area.

No matter your choice, we have the selections here in our showroom. Stop by and view a large and exciting selection of tile mosaics.

Dramatic Wall Tiles

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