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Matte Porcelain Mosaic

Consider this unique Chain Pattern Mosaic for your next home improvement project. Shop Chain Pattern Mosaic at French Creek Designs Tile Design Center. Undoubtedly, this Chain Pattern Mosaic pairs fabulously with any style. Moreover, five distinct available colors allow for greater diversity. Furthermore, this Chain Pattern Mosaic can be installed in both wall and floor applications. Indeed, take your design to the next level with the Chain Pattern Mosaic.

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Are you looking to add interest to your space? The Chain Pattern Mosaics from Soho might be just what you are looking for. In addition, Chain Pattern Mosaics can add a classic accent to your interior design space, on either the walls or the floors. Furthermore, five beautiful color combinations are sure to compliment any space. Choose from morning blend, afternoon blend, evening blend, midnight blend, and dawn blend. Moreover, these striking mosaics are made from durable porcelain. Undoubtedly, these mosaics are made to last.

Let’s talk colors. Firstly, the morning blend option has shades of white, vintage grey, and soft sage. In contrast, the midnight blend has tones of white, loft grey, and retro black. Next, the afternoon blend comes with whites, gallery grey, and cloud blue. Furthermore, evening blend incorporates colors of white, halo grey, and cement chic. Lastly, the dawn blend option includes shades of white, cloud blue, and retro black. Indeed, you are sure to find a hue combination of this tile that will suit almost any design style need.

Incorporate Ditra-Heat Floor Warming

Heated floors create another level of luxury with the durability of stone, floor tile, or resilient floor coverings (WPC, LVT, LVP, etc.,) Moreover, take your kitchen or bath project to a whole new level by adding the Ditra-Heat Electric Floor Warming System. Furthermore, DITRA-HEAT is the only electric floor warming system that directly incorporates uncoupling technology. Nevertheless, this ensures that your heated floors are not susceptible to cracked tiles and grout. Finally, let luxurious warmth be what your feet touch the next time you step out of your bath or shower.

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Chain Pattern Mosaic

Shop large selections of tile at French Creek Designs in Casper. Wyoming. Purchasing this Chain Pattern Mosaic, pictured here in the Dawn Blend option, is easy at French Creek Designs. Work with qualified designers ready to assist in your layout and design. With FREE design and planning services, you can’t go wrong. We work closely with your local handyman, contractor, or builder.

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