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Luxurious Kitchen Faucets, Waterstone

Waterstone Kitchen Faucets are not only luxurious, as well as functional. Not to mention found in 40+ stunning finishes. Every chef’s delight, as well as dreamy for any kitchen design. Waterstone Kitchen Faucets, Suites, and Cabinet Hardware can be found right here in Casper, Wyoming at French Creek Designs Kitchen And Bath Design Center.

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Kitchen Jewelry, Striking Accessories

Waterstone, jewelry in striking accessories, starting with beautiful Kitchen Faucets found in 40+ finishes. From traditional finishes, to living finishes, to split finishes. Any one of which will add striking appeal and function to the kitchen. As well as including matching kitchen cabinet hardware and appliance pulls.

Not to mention Waterstone Kitchen Faucets are made in America. As well as come in the industries high standards with a lifetime functional kitchen faucet warranty. Along with a Finish Warranty that is unbeatable.

Adding luxury to your kitchen has never been more exciting, as well as durable!

Kitchen Faucet Selections, Unbeatable

Choose a luxurious Waterstone Faucets or a Kitchen Faucet Suite. As well as design styles are offered in solid brass and solid stainless-steel construction.

  • Pulldown Faucets
  • Gantry Pulldown Faucets
  • Bridge Faucets
  • Kitchen Faucets
  • Prep Faucets
  • Bar Faucets
  • Filtration Faucets
  • Pot Fillers

Each faucet performs it’s task well, providing a lifetime functional kitchen faucet. As well as comes in 40+ finishes to choose from. The chef of the home will welcome any one of these Waterstone Kitchen Faucets.

Accessorizing Your Kitchen Sink Faucet

Also, Waterstone Kitchen Faucet Suites, make your kitchen more functional and appealing. Choosing from a number of kitchen faucet accessories to make your kitchen sink a work of art.

  • Side Sprays
  • Soap/Lotion Dispensers
  • Air Switches
  • Air Gaps
  • Escutcheon Plates
  • Hole Covers

Under Sink Systems, Protection

Waterstone also provides products for your kitchen hidden away, yet high quality ensuring a better lifestyle and protection. Offered in a various packages. Therefore, ask one of our designers regarding any one of these under sink products.

Ultimate Under Sink Systems

  • Great tasting hot or cold water with the security of leak detection in one package.
  • Waterstone Hot Tank, Multi-Stage Filtration System and a Safety Valve Leak Detector.
  • Compatible with RO filtration systems.
  • Easy to install.
  • Connection fittings included.
  • The Hot Tank carries a 2 Year Warranty.

The Waterstone Ultimate Under Sink System package gives you filtered, great tasting water, as well as the protection and security of your kitchen in one under sink package. Not only is the Waterstone Multi-Stage Filtration System compact and designed to provide optimum filtration in a single cartridge unit. As well as when used with a Waterstone Filtration Faucet, removes sediment, chlorine, bad taste and odor from municipal drinking water. Including, the Hot Tank dispenses steaming hot water instantly. Perfect for making hot coffee, tea, cooking or sink cleanup.

One of the most important items is the Waterstone’s Safety Valve Leak Detection Units. Which are ideal for minimizing water damage when these disasters occur. Therefore, the Leak Detector automatically shuts off the water source when it detects moisture. Once the valve shuts off, the unit sounds off with an audible alarm, like a smoke detector, to let you know of a problem.

Waterstone Faucet Suites,
Suited For The Kitchen

Beautiful and functional are the Waterstone Faucet Suites. They are “suited” with all the accessories. Various accessories include matching cabinet hardware and appliance pulls for your kitchen. Waterstone does not stop there. In addition, they have under cabinet sink systems and safety value leak detectors. In which, insure you will not come home to a flooded kitchen. What a relief when going on that long vacation!

  • Cabinet Hardware
  • Appliance and Door Pulls
Shop Waterstone Kitchen Faucet Suites at French Creek Designs in Casper, WY | Luxurious Kitchen Faucets, Durable
Waterstone Faucet Suites

Waterstone Kitchen Faucets, 40+ Finishes

Stop in and select a beautiful and functional Waterstone Kitchen Faucet, Kitchen Faucet Suite, Cabinet Hardware, as well as under sink systems. As well as choose from 40+ stunning kitchen faucet finishes. French Creek Designs Kitchen and Bath Store, has everything you need for a luxurious kitchen.

Waterstone Bathroom, Beauty and Function

Waterstone now comes to the bathroom with stunning shower, tub, and lavatory faucets. As well as bath accessories, and rough-in valves.

  • Shower
  • Tub
  • Lavatory Faucet
  • Bath Accessories
  • Rough-in Valves

When it comes to making your home luxurious and beautiful Waterstone comes to life with their kitchen and bath products.

Stainless Steel Workstations

Choose from a 32″ Stainless Steel Workstation Kitchen Sink. These beautiful undermount sinks include a single bowl with faucet and full sink accessories. As well as 33″ Stainless Steel Workstation large single bowl farmhouse addition. Accessories included with sink: faucet, bottom grid, colander, colander plate, cutting board, basket strainer, roll up drying rack.

All in one workstation kitchen sinks just make sense. Every chef and busy mom will appreciate having a workstation sink, absolutely delightful. Therefore, add to your busy kitchen an all in one workstation kitchen sink. Treat the chef of your house to a sink that is functional and delivers. Shop French Creek Designs Kitchen store for an all in one workstation kitchen sink.

Not to mention how beautiful and function all in one workstations will work on new countertops. Take a look at few new countertop options.

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Shop Waterstone Kitchen Faucet Suites at French Creek Designs in Casper, WY | Luxurious Kitchen Faucets, Durable

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