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Vintner’s Vanity from Wine-Stained Oak

This repurposed wood Vintner’s vanity cabinet is a heirloom that will be cherished for years to come. Moreover, it is made from wine-stained oaking staves used to flavor wine during the fermenting process. From Chardonnay to Cabernet bathroom hand crafted vanities create a beautiful weathered finish. As a result of the oak staves soaking in wine for many months, they absorb the color and aroma of the grapes.

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Finishes are available in both Chardonnay and Cabernet. Sizes available in 36″ and 48″ vanity. As well as two unique styles of floating vanities in 35.5″.

Vanity choices in Countertops, Sinks, and Mirrors

Choose from a large selection of Granite, Quartz, Concrete, or Copper Vanity Top with this artisan-crafted vanity base. Any one of these selections will top your vanity to add depth, dimension and beauty. Inquire about our remnant’s available in our slab yard to complete the look of your furniture vanity selection.

As well as include a beautifully inspired sink to complete this hand-crafted vanity. From an equally handcrafted beauty of a sink such as the Maestro vessel sink to a concrete Morro vanity sink.  Don’t forget to shop for a wine-stained oak mirror to complete the look or choose from any one of the delightful attractive mirrors to enhance your bathroom design!

Luxurious Spaces

Looking to create a spa-like bathroom retreat? Choose a handcrafted vanity that meets the demand and maintains simplicity. Moreover, this simple but beautiful Vinter’s vanity cabinet with a top-mount sink and mirror combination can provide a luxurious space. French Creek Designs is an authorized Native Trails Dealer. Stop in our Showroom today to view and experience great prices on one-of-a kind Native Trails sinks and hand-crafted vanities!

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Casper’s remodeling a bathroom begins with French Creek Designs FREE bathroom planning and design services. We facilitate your bath remodel or new construction. Whether your project is a small powder room or large master en suite, every bathroom can benefit from good design. While function is the overall driver of bath planning and design, many clients also want to create a relaxing and beautiful spa-like bathroom.

Vintner’s Vanity Cabinet

Choose the Vintner’s Vanity Cabinet with repurposed wood or any one of our hand selected vanities at French Creek Designs Showroom in Casper, Wyoming.

Vanity Cabinet Choices:

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