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Exclusive Wine-Stained Floating Vanities

Vintner’s Floating Vanity exclusively made from wine-stained oaking staves. First, oaking staves are used to flavor wine during the fermenting process. Next, Vinter’s vanities available in a Chardonnay natural light-colored vanity and Cabernet a rich robust red color. Finally, the authentic weathered finish results from oak staves soaking in wine for many months. Which infuses tannins and aroma while absorbing the color of the grapes.

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This line of floating vanities are made by American Artisens. Most important is this vanity is acclaimed with the Green GOOD Design Award in 2019.

Floating Vanity Details

Features for Vintner’s Floating Vanity include water-resistant low VOC sealer. Additionally, includes integrated French cleat for installation. Note, vanity top, sink, drain is sold separately. Dimensions are 35.5″w x 18.75″d x 9″h. Furthermore, the handcrafted nature assures no two vanities will be the same. Which vary in finish, texture, and other details.

Additionally, the Trough 3619 Sink works beautifully with this Vintner’s Floating Vanity. Trough sinks make great work out of handling all the small hands at once. In addition, to laundry room details and big clean ups. When bathroom design meets function and beauty together. This Vintner’s Floating Vanity and concrete trough sink go hand in hand.

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Vintner's Floating Vanity
Vintner's Floating Vanity

Vintner’s Floating Vanity

Vinter’s Floating Vanity with trough sink shown above in Chardonnay and Cabernet. Choose from one of the handcrafted floating vanity designs to add a bit of history to your bath renovation. As well as another award-winning vanity to choose from is the Wine Barrel Vanity.

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