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Textured Tiles Rave In The Home

Dymo Tile Collection is just the product for homes to amplify any wall. Opting for plain white tile backdrops are the thing of past. White and plain brings a brightness to any room. Now increase the depth and perception of your walls with texture and class.

Tile Design Center in Casper, Wyoming | Design Tile Projects French Creek Designs large selection of tiles, mosaics, and accent tiles.

Dymo Chex White Tile Accent Walls

Start designing your accent wall from the Dymo Tile Collection. Dymo Chex White Tiles in 12×36 patterns is stunning. This 12×36 glossy backsplash tile provides a clean white background. Including a trendy checkered pattern for depth and dimension. Dymo Chex is a ceramic tile with fun and creative eye-catching detail for any accent wall or backsplash. As well as perfect for a shower surround.

Color choices include Glossy White and Statuary.

Dymo Wavy White 3D Wall Tile

Next, for a day at the beach comfort style in class use Dymo White 3D Tile. This contemporary glossy wall 12×24 tile is spectacular. For a beautiful and elegant ceramic tile design this Wayy White 3D is recommended for a vertical installation. Choose to use it for backsplashes and accent walls. As well as those beautiful relaxing shower designs or tub surrounds. Perfect for use in residential or commercial tile use. The wavy lines add visual interest and a touch of class to any space. As well as choose from French Creek Designs vast selections of complimentary tiles to complete your style and ambiance.

Color choices include Glossy White and Glossy Statuary.

Dymo 12×24 Tiles Smooth Transition Tiles

Want a clean look try Dymo Tile Collection in their smooth 12×24 Tiles. This will elevate the look and feel of any kitchen or bathroom. Incorporating these remarkable ceramic tile as a backsplash or wall tile. As well as beautiful shower surrounds. Choose from the Dymo Statuary Tiles which offers a milky white backdrop with a subtle grey veining for those beautiful marble looks. Statuary adds movement and texture to your space. A tile that won’t disappoint.

Another great choice is the Dymo Stripe White Tile also, in a glossy 12×24. A white Tile with subtle tonal stripes that add a touch of texture. These spot on beautiful large-format ceramic tiles are suitable for vertical installations. Choose to use for backsplashes or accent walls. In addition, to stunning shower surrounds or tub surrounds.

Dymo Wavy White 3d Wall Tile | Collection

French Creek Designs Tile Selections

You wont’ be disappointed in our large selection of tiles to coordinate any tile project. As well as the vast samples of floor tiles to choose form. Choose from our large selection of elegant, easy to clean, low maintenance backsplash and wall tiles. Be sure to consult with one of our kitchen and bathroom designers for your next home improvement project.

Dymo Tile Collection

Dymo Tile Collection is perfect for any tile project to enhance and create striking walls, shower surrounds, and dynamic tub surrounds. Choose from any one of tiles from the collection.

For clean finishes add  Jolly Trim. Easy to install and beautiful finished edges, trim, caps, and linear finishes. Be sure to add in shower niches to your shower designs for ease of grabbing those personal items.

Designer Bathroom Selections:

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