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Exquisite Details In Bathroom Remodels

Casper’s Bathroom Remodel Experts are right here at French Creek Designs Kitchen and Bathroom showroom. Each bathroom designer understands that bathroom remodels begin with exquisite details in the materials you choose.

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When adding special touches to any bathroom remodel, keep in mind the elements that you want to make a statement with and build around those elements. Our bathroom remodel experts at French Creek Kitchen and Bath Design Center can assist in choosing the right materials, color blends, and installation ideas.

In addition, we bring design ideas that wow your friends and family. Including making your space a dreamy and enjoyable place to be. Maybe shower tile accents is just the showstopper you want for your bathroom. Use this shower tile accent as starting point for your color palette then add cabinets, countertops, and flooring to contrast.

Tile Selections

Shower tile accent is where you can express yourself with an unending array of colors and styles. See in addition, unexpected textures, and materials, including glass, metal, stone, and marble. Tile is the tried-and-true flooring for bathroom remodels. Today’s porcelain and ceramic tile mimics the look of wood, marble, stone, and clay. Which brings durability and ease of cleaning into the bathroom.

Bathtubs, Soaker Tubs, and Freestanding Tubs

Bathtubs occupy a primary place in today’s bath. Freestanding tubs and jetted soaker tubs by Oceania compliment the space they inhabit. In addition, they create a cozy, relaxed, spa-like feel to your bathroom design. Several options are available from heated air-jets to lumbar support, making the bathtub a useful and practical centerpiece.

Native Trails’ hand-crafted tubs are a mark of upscale luxury, fashioned in bold forms.  In addition, tub finishes include a patented concrete substance and hand hammered copper. Spruce up your lavatory with a freestanding tub and create that spa-like retreat you have been wanting, at home. Freestanding tubs can contrast nicely off a wall tile that corresponds nicely next to the shower tile accent.

Vanity Cabinets, Countertops, and Sinks

Vanity cabinets are specific based on style, use, and space requirements. Smaller powder rooms may require a furniture vanity styled to fit into the space. When larger bathrooms may desire the use of vanity cabinets with which to provide adequate storage and use.  Where a master bath may choose either based on the style and feel of the bathroom design.

Adding stone countertops to your cabinet designs make your bathroom not only luxurious as well as easy to maintain. Finally, choosing those accessories from bathroom fixtures, sinks, and cabinet hardware top off your design aspects. They either can enhance the design or subtly blend into your bathroom.

Bathroom Designer Striking Choice:

Casper's Bathroom Remodel Experts / Tile Designs

LED Lighting & Power Strips

Let you bathroom remodel become a spa like retreat, add a little color ambiance to your bathroom with LED lighting fixtures made perfectly for your furniture vanities or cabinets and mirrors. Moreover, Angle Power strips can be added to vanity cabinets like the Wavecrest Vanity. In addition, providing an extra source of light and power.

Casper’s Bathroom Remodel Experts

Working with one of Casper’s Bathroom Remodel Experts bathroom designers at the our premier kitchen and bath design center is rewarding. Each qualified bathroom remodel experts make designing your bathroom a breeze. Ask one of our kitchen remodel experts about remodeling your kitchen.

As well as one stop for your contractor to pick-up all the materials to complete a beautiful bathroom remodel or new construction project. With a vast selection of vanity cabinets and countertops such as, granite, quartz, and marble, we are Casper’s locally owned Countertop, Cabinet Store, and tile design center in one location.

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Bathroom Designers

Casper’s Bathroom Remodel Experts at French Creek Designs Bath Designers are here for you and provide complete design and planning services. Not only do we provide a FREE consultation, measure, and quote. We also provide design layouts for cabinets. Found in our showroom is everything you need to do a simple bathroom update to a full renovation or new construction project.

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