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DIY Kitchen Splash

Client Kitchen Remodel 114 DIY Kitchen Splash project is fun and interesting. Client wanted to update their galley-style kitchen and chose to update with new countertops and backsplash. Furthermore, the choice of new granite with greys, blacks, and hints of green tones exquisitely marbled throughout the countertop is stunning.

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In addition, the client needed backsplash to enhance the colors in their granite. Working with a French Creek Kitchen Designer they found the right sample. Similarly, this glass and stone mix pulled together the tones from the granite and beautifully enhances their oak cabinets. Clients to do it yourself install their kitchen backsplash and successfully they did. Wow!

Client Kitchen Remodel 114 Kitchen Backsplash and countertops complete in Client Project Kitchen Update ~ Thank you for sharing!

Looking to do a DIY Kitchen Splash project shop our extensive affordable selection of mosaics and tile kitchen backsplashes. In effect choose from various glass, stone, encaustic, marble and other natural stone mosaics and tiles. No matter your style or color we have you covered.

Kitchen Planning & Renovations

When planning a kitchen renovation, start with a kitchen designer to assist in organizing, planning, and choosing the right cabinets, countertops, kitchen backsplash, tile, flooring and so much more. We have streamlined kitchen planning and design by consolidating the design process with material selection all in one place. Our designer will work with you to develop a kitchen design.

Client Kitchen Remodel 114 DIY Kitchen Splash

Client Kitchen Remodel 114

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DIY Kitchen Splash

DIY Kitchen Splash is available with Simplystick Mosaic Tiles. As well as Minute Mosaix tiles. Simply beautiful and easy to install. French Creek Designs kitchen design center can be found on MeWe or Facebook, follow us! We are Casper’s locally owned countertop and cabinet store. In addition, read regular updates on client projects and updated materials selections and choices at FCD News a reliable source of information and current trends.

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