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Rustic Shower, Designed with Bench & Niche

Client Bathroom Remodel 90 is a refreshing rustic design. Including, designed with a quartz shower bench, threshold, and niche. Not only is this shower designed for comfort in warm rustic coloration’s, as well as functional. Wow! is the word to describe this walk-in shower remodel.

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Large Bathrooms Provide For Unique Shower Designs

To start, clients have a very large bathroom, so it made sense to maximize their shower space. In addition, they have no use for a bathtub in this room. Our designers needed to complement the existing floor tile for the exterior portion of the room. Therefore, creating a statement for the interior bathroom shower is a must. Accomplished through the use of wood-look tile planks and flat sliced rock pebble accents.

Wood tile planking surrounds the shower in a horizontal fashion, as well as is used as an accent in the shower floor. In addition, to the use of a sliced rock pebble accent for the shower floor. As well as sliced rock pebble accent tile is used to accentuate the base of the shower bench, niche, and shower floor. Creating quite a statement in this bathroom.

Quartz Tops Benches, Adds Shower Shelves, Perfect Thresholds

Finally, topping off the shower renovation. Is the use of quartz for topping the shower bench, as well as the shower threshold entrance. Finally, creating beautiful shower shelves within the shower niche to store those quick grab items.

Retreating to this shower after a long day will provide a relaxing and refreshing shower. We love the way the hearty coloration’s in natural warm tones, resulting in a warm and inviting shower surround.

Client Bathroom Remodel 90 Walk-In Shower renovation Client Project Bath Remodel – Thank you for sharing!

Designer: Macinsey C.

Featured: Client Walk-In Shower Remodel

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French Creek Materials used in project:

Quartz Tops to include a bench, threshold, and niche
Wood-look tile planks
Sliced rock pebble accent tile

Waterproof Shower-System

Removing an existing shower may result in finding mold and mildew. Replacing your shower is critical for the well being of your family. As well as function and beauty go hand in hand. Therefore, creating a walk in shower design begins with the bare elements. Such as purchasing waterproof shower-systems.

Schluter offers waterproof tub and shower surround systems. In which packaged together in a dependable and watertight installation surround system. Frequently known, tiles and grout joints are not automatically waterproof. Therefore, they must be installed with a waterproofing system that can efficiently manage moisture and prevent mold growth.

Not to mention you can creatively choose everything to make your shower appealing and functional, including shower benches and niches. As well as add in Waterfall Shower Designs for a rewarding bathroom, you will enjoy!

Client Bathroom Remodel 90 Quartz Shower Bench

Client Bathroom Remodel 90

Client Bathroom Remodels

Quartz Uses In The Bathroom

The use of quartz is a perfect alternative when creating a beautiful, functional bathroom design. Quartz is no longer considered just for countertops. Such as the addition of niche shelves, thresholds, and shower benches are perfect in quartz. As well as consider displaying quartz from traditional countertops and backsplash to shower walls, to accent walls. Also, soaking tub platforms, and tub surrounds.

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