Increased Value of Home with Granite

Stream White Granite Countertops top light oak cabinets. Client came to French Creek Designs Kitchen and Bath Showroom looking to spruce up her house before they put it on the market. She picked a simple yet elegant granite to give her kitchen just the right spark. Clients felt this was just the right touch that buyers would be looking for to close their home. The Stream White Granite Countertops accent the grey backsplash and overall enhance the room. Home is ready for sale and beautiful.

Prepping Homes for Sale

Purchasing granite is an affordable option for prepping homes for sale. In addition, to adding value to the home. Looking to put your home on the market. Simple upgrades can increase the value of the home. One such thing, is stone countertops such as granite and quartz. Additionally, add luxury vinyl tile in homes can spruce up the home and create a refreshing clean feel to the home. Choose a tile backsplash to enhance your countertops and some splash. Refreshing kitchens, baths and flooring in various rooms can improve your sale. Stop into the showroom and ask a designer for quick easy ways to refresh your home for sale.

Get unbeatable prices with our No Waste Program for Kitchen Countertops. In addition, the No Waste Program features a selection of granite and quartz we keep in stock.

Designer: Toni W.

Featured: Client Kitchen updated with new granite countertops.

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Granite Countertops

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Stream White Granite Countertops

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