Plank Tiles, Pebble Accents and Quartz Shower Bench and Shelves purchased at French Creek Designs

Sliced pebble accents is perfectly facilitated in this shower design. Client chose to have French Creek Bathroom Designer assist in the design of their walk-in shower renovation. Wow! is the word to describe this walk-in shower. Clients large bathroom facilitated the addition of a large walk-in shower, so it made sense to maximize their shower space. In addition, the client established they have no use for a bathtub in this room.

Our bath designer challenge is to complement the existing floor tile for the exterior portion of the room. A rustic warm and creative statement is accomplished in this interior bathroom shower. In which wood-look tile planks, pebble accents and black quartz finishes blend nicely.

Sliced pebble accents flow through the shower floor with a wood plank tile border accented inside the pebble. The pebbles followed  through in the shower bench and niche to create a statement in this bathroom. Finally, the use of quartz for the shower bench, threshold, and niche is a perfect final touch.We love the dramatic colors. Result in a rustic, warm, and inviting shower surround.

Designer: Macinsey C.

Featured: Client Walk-In Shower Remodel

French Creek Services available: Bathroom Designer

French Creek Materials used in project:

Quartz Tops to include a bench, threshold, and niche
Wood-look tile planks
Slice Pebble Accents

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Sliced Pebble Accents

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