Herringbone Accent Shower Wall Design

Marble tones bathroom redesign is soft and subtle. Perfectly chosen for a client’s elderly mother. In addition, to the classic white and grey veining chosen for a subtle bathroom design. To include an easier access to her shower. First, in creating a more modern clean bathroom design. The main focus was on the shower walls. Shower walls follow through with a beautiful dark grey and white marble look. Then combining a herringbone accent. Next, following through in the shower niche. Along with a pebble shower floor tile. Ultimately, this gives the feeling of entering a spa shower. Grey Schluter Metal trim was used to add a crisp line to the tile edges.

Granite Selections

Furthermore, a granite was selected to accent the shower walls and cabinet beautifully adding into the grey and whites and striking black. This granite was added to the vanity countertop. In addition, shower threshold, shower wall cap, niche shelves, and shower bench. In addition, light wood-look porcelain tile flooring chosen for the floor elegantly accents the new painted walls. The color combinations are soft and subtle for a relaxing enjoyable space.

French Creek Bath Designers assist you to build your dream spa like bathroom. In addition, choices of cabinetry, countertops, and flooring available to complete your look of choice. Include various marble mosaic tiles designed to fit your style, comfort and budget. Choose from several marble tone bathroom redesign options.

Designer: Shelby S.

Featured: Client Shower remodel with Tile, Accents, and Granite.

French Creek Services available: Bathroom Designer

French Creek Materials used in project:

Marble-look tiles
Herringbone Mosaic tiles
Granite pony wall top, granite niche, and threshold.
Granite Countertops

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Marble Tones Bathroom Redesign

Marble Tones Bathroom Redesign

Whether updating shower or creating a safe curbless shower design for a loved one. Choose a French Creek Designs Bathroom designer to assist  in your design renovation. Our knowledgeable designers will be with you every step.