Shower Tiles and Mosaics purchased at French Creek Designs.

Marble Mosaic Tiles are the client choice in this shower remodel designed with elegance in mind. From the marble diamond shaped marble mosaic tiles intricately placed in shower niche as well as elaborately displayed behind the shower fixtures. In addition, the 8×24 marble-look porcelain tiles running up the shower walls surround the porcelain hexagon shower floor tiles. Shower floor completed with a linear shower drain which completes the sleek look. Finalized with Granite pony wall top, granite niche, and threshold surrounding the glass door. This master bath remodel is luxurious and will be enjoyed for years to come.

The dramatic patterns tied together with a vertical tile pattern running up the walls makes this bathroom light and bright. Provides a feeling of the shower appearing larger. No more dark and dreary showers. This shower is refreshing. When choosing shower tiles placement and direction of tiles is important to the overall shower design. In addition, choosing tile accents to add dimension and a wow factor can make the difference in a plain shower or something that is refreshing for years to come. Adding niches and benches are perfect for storing and holding those essential items.

Marble Mosaic Tiles

Whether choosing Marble Mosaic Tiles or another beautiful selection of tile and mosaics. French Creek Bath Designers assist you to build your dream spa-like bathroom. In addition, choices of cabinetry, countertops, and flooring available to complete your look of choice. Include various marble mosaic tiles designed to fit your style, comfort, and budget.

Designer: Karen F.

Featured: Client Shower remodel with Tile, Accents, and Granite.

French Creek Services available: Bathroom Designer

French Creek Materials used in project:

Marble-look tiles
Marble Mosaic tiles
Granite pony wall top, granite niche, and threshold.

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Marble Mosaic Tiles

Marble Mosaic Tiles are a beautiful way to add a little style and color to your design.

Marble Mosaic Tiles
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