Stacked Stone and Wood Mantel purchased at French Creek Designs

Home Improvement Remodel 103A with this Cherry wood mantel is stunning in this fireplace update. Client’s choice in working with a French Creek Designs Home Improvement Designer sure paid off. Moreover, this fireplace is completely updated and perfectly displayed. Likewise, a stacked stone in warm tones was a perfect choice to match the cabinetry and mantel. Further, the stacked stone is used in a full wall tile application. In addition, the tones for the cabinetry and mantel choice adhere to the warm red wood tones in the home. For storage purposes, a custom-built cabinet was added to the design of the fireplace through a local carpenter. Finally, a cherry wood mantel with a live edge profile, perfectly handcrafted by a local wood artisan, completes this beautiful look. It accents gorgeously against the stacked stone and wood finishes!

This fireplace renovation creates a warm space to sit around for reading and relaxing. Further, it is a great place for entertaining. Friends and family will enjoy good conversation and warm memories! In this case, French Creek Designers assisted in choosing stacked stone for this fireplace surround. Henceforth, the designer assisted the client in working with local wood artisans in choosing the cherry mantel. When working with French Creek designers you have access to local wood artisans as well as local carpenters where art and design meet to create beautiful work. Absolutely stunning!

Designer: Macinsey C.

Home Improvement Remodel 103A Featured: Full wall Fireplace Surround completely Remodeled

French Creek Services available: Home Improvement Designer

French Creek Materials used in project:

Cherry Wood Mantel
Stacked Stone Tile Fireplace Covering

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Home Improvement Remodel 103A Cherry Wood Mantel

Home Improvement Remodel 103A

Handcrafted by a local wood artisan, this Cherry wood mantel completes this beautiful look.