Granite Kitchen Countertops for Log Cabin Design

Granite Countertops Top Cabinet Design in this beautiful duo. Duo contrasting cabinets perfectly designed and laid out for this log cabin kitchen remodel. Choosing natural wood cabinets for the island with contrasting stark white cabinets for the perimeter of the kitchen is stunning! First, client came to showroom looking to make their kitchen more function. Being a log cabin and prior remodels made this a bit tricky from the previous owners. Next, we began working around support beams with the client. However, a solution from owner was derived to make the space more functional by bringing the wall out further. This allotted more space for the wall cabinets and made the space more appealing.

Cabinet selection and designing was next in process. Island selection is natural hickory cabinets with a liquid toffee glaze. Which added richness to the island bringing warmth into the kitchen. Tying in the woods from the ceiling and various walls. Additionally, the painted alder cabinets with a glaze along the perimeter brighten up the cozy kitchen. Finally, adding beautiful desert beach granite countertops tops off the project. This kitchen will be enjoyable for years to come.

Granite Countertop Care

Click link for more information regarding purchasing and care instructions regarding granite countertops. In addition, ask our designers about purchasing granite cleaner at time of purchase to ensure your granite tops stay looking beautiful. Furthermore, be sure to ask a kitchen designer on planning and implementing a design in your kitchen today.

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Designer: Shelby S.

Featured: Client Kitchen updated with new cabinets and granite countertops.

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French Creek Materials used in project:

Granite Countertops
Hickory & Painted Cabinets

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Cabinets and Granite CountertopsChoosing Cabinets

Choosing cabinets at Casper’s premier cabinet store is easy. With kitchen designers ready to assist in the selection process. As well as create kitchen drawings and designs to fit your budget and style. Starting with cabinet door styles to cabinet finishes. French Creek Designs has you covered. As well as discover granite countertops top cabinet design with affordable prices.

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