Modern Kitchen Design in Acrylic Cabinets

Client Kitchen Remodel 113A bright and modern. This Modern Kitchen Design is stunning with fresh, clean lines. French Creek Designs assisted in this client’s kitchen renovation. First, the client chose Acrylic Cabinetry. This was, indeed, a perfect choice for this spacious kitchen design. Then, frame-less acrylic cabinets with a high gloss white finish line the kitchen perimeter. In addition, metallic grey island cabinets surround the slide-in range. Next, quartz waterfall countertops wrap around the beautiful island. Finally, a high-contrast emerald green picket accent tile is selected.

The kitchen perimeter is completed in the emerald backsplash. This, beautifully, ties it into the island for a modern kitchen design. In addition, the satin stainless steel kitchen sink goes perfectly with the stainless steel appliances. Furthermore, included in this kitchen design is a stainless steel hood over the slide-in island range. Moreover, the stainless steel options this client chose perfectly enhance the white acrylic cabinets. In conclusion, abundant storage is a key factor in this modern kitchen design.

Client testimony is especially appreciated “We had a great experience. FCD redid our kitchen – taking it from the 1980s to the 2020s! They were professional and responsive throughout the process. The contractor did an amazing job. Quick and painless. Beautiful work! “ Thank you to the client for sharing!

Designer: Karen F.

Client Kitchen Remodel 113A Featured: Client Kitchen updated kitchen with Quartz Waterfall Countertops, European Style Cabinets, Picket Accent Tiles and Kitchen Sink

French Creek Services available: Kitchen Designer

French Creek Materials used in project:

Quartz Countertops
Kitchen Acrylic Cabinets
Tile Kitchen Backsplash
Satin Stainless Apron Sink

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Client Kitchen Remodel 113A Modern Kitchen Design

Client Kitchen Remodel 113A

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Frameless European style acrylic cabinets is trending in modern kitchen design. For instance, they vary from traditional wood-looks to an acrylic finishes in high gloss or matte. Moreover, adding a waterfall countertop to an island can make a beautiful focal point in your kitchen. So, let French Creek Designs Kitchen & Bath Designers help you build your dream kitchen today. We are your local Kitchen Design Center.

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