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Client Kitchen Remodel 106A includes LED Lighting. Which adds ambiance to your space. Moreover, adding function in the evening creates a safe way of getting around at night. Kitchen Designers can assist in your LED Lighting layout and planning. Further, French Creek Designs offers a free layout and plan for your kitchen lighting remodel or new construction. Angled lighted power strips are a great addition for providing convenient power source in addition to the lighting.

In addition, use Led lighting for toe kicks, floating vanities, deck rails, or wherever a low level, low maintenance light is needed. In addition, choose a remote power supply to quickly and easily manage your lights at any time.

Kitchen designers are available to plan your design to include LED lights, RGB Multi-Color lights, and angled power strips. Whether new construction or remodel, we can provide a complete layout of your lighting and power strip design.

Designer: Sarah

Client Kitchen Remodel 106A Featured: Client LED Lighting and Angle Power Strips added in kitchen design

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LED Lighting
Angled Power Strips

Affordable LED Lighting & Angle Power Strips at French Creek Designs Showroom. Ask a bathroom designer about achieving a spa like retreat bathroom design. Moreover, come check out all we have to offer in our under-cabinet lighting for your next kitchen remodel.

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Client Kitchen Remodel 106A Kitchen LED Lighting

Client Kitchen Remodel 106A

Kitchen Remodels

Stop in French Creek Designs Showroom to see all of our lighting options available for your next project. This client added cabinet angled light strips and angled lighted power strips and chose the Sempria 3000k – soft white to accent nicely in their kitchen design. In addition, improving lighting and ambiance to their kitchen beautifully.

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