Shower Wall Tiles to include Quartz Bench and Niche Shelf and Accent Tile and Tile Flooring purchased at French Creek Designs

Client Bathroom Remodel 103A is a contemporary style. Modern is a perfect description of this clean and sleek bath renovation. As well as Client’s choice to work with French Creek Designs Designer resulted with a cohesive design palette. The bathroom designer and Client enjoyed the design and planning in this bathroom.

A subtle spa color palette in this shower is stunning. White subway tile is the main feature with this shower design. In which a striking glass mosaic is used to create a striking accent. With spa tones it draws your eye right to the shower. As well as a shower niche is added into design. Resulting with an glass tile accent that beautifully flows around the shower. Next, the niche shelf and bench are completed in quartz. Providing a clean finish.

A small furniture vanity is a perfect addition. As well as the glass accent accentuates in the backsplash. Finally, the flooring consists of a warm large natural stone porcelain tile. This flooring is a nice contrast to the bathroom design. Essentially this modern bathroom with sleek white subway tile and spa tones will be fresh for years to come.

Client Bathroom Remodel 103A Client Testimony: “I walked into French Creek Designs …we were off on a very positive and fun project to remodel 2 bathrooms. French Creek worked well with the installers to make my dream a reality. I really appreciate the decorating advice and the professional service that I received!”

Designer: Karen F.

Client Bathroom Remodel 103A Featured: White Subway Tile, Glass Spa Tone Accent, and Warm Natural Stone Tile Flooring

French Creek Services available: Bathroom Designer

French Creek Materials used in project:

White Subway shower tiles
Glass and Stone Mosaic
Stone look floor tiles
Shower Bench
Shower Niche
Quartz Shelf and Bench

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Client Bathroom Remodel 103A White Subway Tile Shower

Client Bathroom Remodel 103

Client Bathroom Remodels

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